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  1. I'm a massive fan of the 'online lecture' format which has really found it's feet in the last few years. I feel like it's a great way to get a 'sampler' of a magician's material for a reasonable price. However, this is the first one I have felt compelled to write a review of, so lets get into it.

    I'd seen some of Jason's YouTube videos prior to buying this lecture. He has a whole bunch of videos full of perfect faro shuffles, centre, bottom and second deals and a whole host of other really hardcore card stuff. Now, I can do a passable second deal and I consider myself an avid user of the faro shuffle, but other than that I'm really not into that kind of thing. This put me off buying Jason's (very well reviewed) book 'Confident Deceptions' as I honestly didn't think I would get much from it. However, given this lecture only cost £5, I figured I'd risk it...

    Boy, was a pleasantly surprised!

    Jason's material is super commercial and, for the most part, within the grasp of even an intermediate technician. Double lifts, spread cull etc, nothing more taxing than that. I'm not suggesting that an intermediate amateur would be half as elegant and slick as Jason is, but sleights-wise you pretty much set if you've read the first volume of Card College. The rest is just practice.

    The lecture starts with Jason performing a full twenty minute show, in full character, which is superb. Jason's persona is that of a gambling expert and card cheat, but amazingly he manages to not just do twenty minutes of gambling demos. Instead, we get wide variety of plots and effects, which Jason has managed to beautifully tie together through his character.

    I won't go through each effect, but my two personal highlights were a trick in which a spectator signs the FACE of a card, and then that card changes. (Yes really, it's as good as it sounds) and a version of Anniversary Waltz, which Jason has managed to dress up as a proposition bet. Personally, I think this is the best version of Anniversary Waltz I have ever seen, both from a technical and presentational point of view. I will be using this.

    Furthermore, Jason gives so many tips on character and performance in general that it's hard not to admire the work the guy has put into his act. There aren't many people out there who have both the technical chops and the performance knowledge, and my opinion of Jason went up considerably after watching him explain his thinking.

    Nothing else to say really.Greg Wilson acts as host and does a great job, the lecture is three hours long and costs $6.20 from Penguin (approximately £5 if you from my neck of the woods).

    Recommended. Buy it!

  2. I haven't seen the lecture, but I have read Confident Deceptions and can concur that his work is phenomenal.

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