Jerry SHADOW Nugget Playing Cards?!! @@

Discussion in 'Magic Forum' started by poonchingyip, Apr 12, 2010.

  1. I just saw it on ebay. @@
    What is that actually? I mean, when did it appear??
    Who made that?

    Anyone knows the answers?? =\
  2. I looked on Ebay and didn't see anything that matches what your referring too. Can you possibly post a link?
  3. They were made by some random person who though a black j-nugg deck would be cool and that it would be worth something. It was created using the USPCC's custom deck creator at a likely price of $20. The deck is on regular bike stock with a regular air-cushion finish.

    The think that make J-Nuggs worth while in the hands of the people who made them popular was the unique stock and finish. The cards DO NOT have the same stock or finish. If you want to know what these will feel like, pick up a deck of lower-than-average quality Bicycle playing cards. These are printed on the same stock with the same finish with less quality control than regular bikes.

    Do not get sucked into another crazy fad.

  4. I'm sure that these Black Jerry's were NOT produced using the USPCC's Custom Deck Creator....They were printed on a cheap and bad stock somewhere in China...You cannot make a custom box using the Deck Creator
    and i'm sure you won't get your JN Deck from USPCCS due to Copyright Reasons...These Decks are just fakes...don't buy them.
  5. They are probably fake.
  6. They are fake. There isn't really a question about it. You could buy them just for collection reasons but that is all that they are good for.

  7. Thanks everyone for the replies. =D
    I thought I missed out some sort of event to get THAT deck (since the faces are even so shadow-master ya)

    Even though it is fake, the design looks cool with shadow.
    But well, I still LOVE the original JN Decks the most ;)
  8. Yeah dude, I actually saw a similar deck a few weeks on Ebay and immediately thought that it was fake just because of the cheep look of them. So I asked Lee Asher and he said that black J-nuggs were fake and originals were only printed in Red and Blue
  9. They fan and spread pretty bad. I don't think it's true J-nuggs.
  10. I really wish people would not do this. Just leave jerrys the way they are.


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