Jerry's Nuggets from Lee Asher

Discussion in 'Product Questions and Reviews' started by Likenthrope, Mar 15, 2010.

  1. So did anyone here get a deck of the JNuggs from the Lee Asher release today?
  2. YEESS!!! Wish I could get some but unfortunately, I cannot right now. I would buy two decks, one to use and one to sell :)
  3. I got a deck last year. Lee is the best to deal with. - a top notch guy.
  4. I was able to grab one of the decks for $75 in the first rung today. Honestly, I'm planning to sell after they arrive.
  5. Maybe I am weird but I can't stand to pay even more than $8.00 for a custom deck let alone something that expensive. I'm not a collector though so maybe some of you are keeping them wrapped, reselling them, or maybe some of you are even going to bust them out for some of your gigs. Either way....those of you who wanted a deck, hopefully you got one.
  6. I will buy it! LOL
  7. the most ridiculous overpriced debacle ever. Who pays 75 dollars for a deck of cards?!?! a deck that isn't have the cellophane. I swear, its a waste of money. And its even worse cause lee tries to make it sound like he's doing all the kids a huge favor by charging "less than market value" and calling 75 dollars cheap. He's a businessman, a good one and i respect him for that, he knows what he can charge and people will still pay it, but guys... come on its 52 pieces of pasteboard that most of the buyers will never actually open or touch.
  8. Having talked to Lee in the past about this, his first priority is NOT to get cheap J-Nuggs out there. His goal is to provide a place for people to come to purchase, without a doubt, AUTHENTIC J-Nuggs. The slightly lower prices he uses to promote his event, but the purpose is to make money by selling off JNs that are without a doubt real. You can't get that on ebay where so many fakes float around.

    That said, I picked up a deck last year. I am an avid card collector and could not pass up the cheapest opportunity I would likely find. I won't likely be buying more, but I had a reason to buy. Others have their reasons. Heck, even though I "collect" my cards, my JNs are still open because before all things I am a card worker. I like having cards for the sake of having cards to use, not for the sake of locking them away and selling them in years to come on ebay.

    If you don't have a reason, you don't. Some of us do.

  9. I wish I had money, if I did, I would grab as many JN as I can :D
  10. Wanted to buy one, but unfortunately I calculated the time zones wrong.
    I was an hour to late. :(
    Actually it's quite a good investment, cause if you just buy one deck of these and resell it on eBay you make profit.
  11. Mine are stored away, and will be sold for top dollar on ebay. lol
  12. Keep an eye on my signature in the near future, I'll be putting it on ebay.

    That sucks man. Daylight Savings Time almost f***ed me on that one.
  13. I managed to buy 3.Lolz.
  14. Who are you to determine what is right and reasonable in this world?

    If someone wants to spend that much on cards, it is the very definition of their prerogative.
  15. If they do they can go ahead thats their call. I was simply expressing my opinion of the ludicrous concept of spending that much on a deck of cards. People play into hype and brand names and "trends" . im sure they are great cards, i understand why a serious collector would get one or two, but people just starting out in magic are trying just as hard to buy some just cause of hype and all the pro's talking about them. Do you think the pro's spend that much on a deck of cards? my guess would be not, many get theirs as gifts or have had them since they cost next to nothing. I just dont get why a 15 year old kid who hasn't finished Royal Road is trying to buy them when they will sit in a drawer and never see the light of day. If i was given some great, awesome i hear they are great cards, but my money has better uses like gas to gigs, paying my college loans or promoting myself. Again its a matter of opinion and i was sharing mine. im pretty sure im not alone.
  16. You're not alone in thinking that. I also think it's absurd what people will pay for cards. That being said, if I had the money to spare you can bet I'd be gunning for a deck as well, if only to resell for three times the cost.

    My point is, posts like yours are only adding to the rampant negativity in this forum. People are obviously excited about the cards, why do you feel the need to come in and try to throw ice water on them? Why can't you just let people be happy and excited over something without having to impose your idea of what's right and reasonable? This kind of behavior is indicative of someone that feels the need to put other people down in order to boost their own self esteem or perceived status.

    Do unto others as you wish them to do unto you. If people are excited about something you feel is stupid, just don't say anything. Let them be happy and excited. It's not like they're hurting anyone by wanting and/or paying a lot for these cards. Why can't you just let them be excited?
  17. ChristopherT is actually one of Lee Asher's aliases on T11. :D
  18. Lee Asher will be selling his authentic Jerry's Nuggets again on October 1st, 2010. Prices and exact times will be launched later.

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