Jerry's Nuggets - Two words...

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by DannyT, Mar 28, 2008.

  1. Who in their right mind would pay THAT much for ONE deck of cards!
    wow.... I'll bet the seller is happy. haha

    Calvin Lauber
  2. WOW! i think thats the most I've seen one go for
  3. Woah, I can only imagine why the bidders are giving up so much just for that deck of cards. I can think of a lot to spend on using $300+, other than 1 deck.

    Btw, the kid whom Lee Asher supposedly teaches in the 5 Card Stud was using a deck of Jerry's for practice and you could see that he's just fondling with the cards. He's one lucky boy. Also, Lee uses a deck of Jerry's to hit a guy in the head with after showing him a trick. I was surprised Lee just used the deck for such things. :D

    And now look how much they're worth..
  4. Haha, I opened a red deck of Jerry's yesterday.
    I'm not mad because I have 2 blue decks left to sell that are sealed. I'm going to keep that red deck though for myself.
  5. Alright guys. listen. this pisses me off that people get so amazed at 300 dollar cards. I mean, there are thousand dollar rickes, thousand dollar pieces of paper (Thousand dollar bill) no one seems amazed that they go for so much. why? BECAUSE THEY ARE RARE! (Also, card collecting is reather cheap. Magic the gathering, one card has gone for 20, 000 dollars!)
  6. Collectables and rare items are only worth as much as someone will pay for them. Someone may have a deck or special trading card that is worth $10,000; however, it's only worth $10,000 when some one pays that much for it. Until then it's only worth the price of the paper it's printed on (plus any emotional attachment you might have).
    That deck of Jerry's is apparently worth that much to someone. Good luck to all you sellers and collectors out there!
  7. Isn't that Katie's ebay username?
  8. i don't know is it?
  9. Holy Damn! Who the hell would. Damn thats the most I've ever seen. Btw, thats not Katies account.
  10. Holy S**t!!!
  11. Katie's Ebay name is Bucktriplet
  12. Actually, money is made out of a special cotton, not paper. That's why it doesn't rip apart in the washing machine. :)

    Thousand dollar bills are rare to see, I didn't even know they existed. But their not worth that much because their rare. Their worth $1000 because they stand for that much money in gold. The value of that bill will never go up because it will always be worth $1000.
  13. I thought you were kidding :O
  14. DannyT, actually. Bills USED to be worth gold. now they are 'Legal tender' I.E.: Representative of gold, worthless. On the one dollar bill, it used to say 'redeemable for gold' (I.E.: You could get gold for it at the bank) Now on the other hand, it says 'This note is legal tender'. (On canadaian and U.S. bills)

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