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  1. I'm trying to learn Judo-Flip by Franco Pascali but I don't know if my hands are too small or my hand muscles just need to get used to the feel, but does anyone have any advice on how to practice this move?
    Here's the link to the video:
  2. Learn the muse cut before you learn judo flip, also practise a lot! it took me nearly 4 months to learn the muse cut/judo flip
  3. Do you think that since I have smaller hands it'll more difficult for me to learn?
  4. Maybe, but big hands small hands it's all about practise
  5. I have small hands. Trust me. You can do Judo Flip.

    But yes, knowing Muse Cut first helps with Judo Flip exponentially, since both use VERY similar mechanics
  6. Your hands definitely need to get used to the motions, Muse Cut is very hard. Keep working at it, this is one of the best OH cuts there is, worth the practice. Don't ever worry about your hand size, you won't be able to get better if you are stuck in the frame of mind that your hands are too small.
  7. Honestly I have tiny hands too and the best thing for learning these cuts is to start with less than half of the packet.

    I also sometimes take my other hand and support the bottom packet ( the one held with the pinky and ring finger ) with my other hand so I can train the flip between the middle finger and thumb. basically I'm training myself to eventually do it without support and with more cards.

    Still in progress for me too! But I feel your struggle lol
  8. Muse Cut was honestly the 3rd cardistry move I learned. The packet flippity-doo is easy. It's supporting most of your deck with the pinky and ring fingers that take the most work.

    We should all do hand measurements. What's the best way to measure hand size?

    THAT should be a new thread
  9. I'll make it :)

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