Jumbo Half Dollar Coin?

Discussion in 'Magic Forum' started by PatrickKun, May 11, 2008.

  1. Do you guys know any good jumbo coin made? I have bought the cheap one and the chrome one that costs like 20 dollars but for me, it looks way too shiny and not realistic. Are there any good jumbo coin out there that look really realistic? Are johnson jumbo any good? Thanks!
  2. Sorry I forgot to mention that I am looking for 3 inches jumbo coin. Wow, the 10 inches price is ridiculous.
  3. how could you even do a trick with that thing? it's huge!!
  4. Well, I'm pretty sure one of Akira's dvds had a routine w/ a XL Jumbo.
  5. i bought some from ebay at a reasonable price


    they are not too shiny for me....but if you find them shiny, i tink there is a way to make them look older

    anyway, i think they are pretty good for their price
  6. you can have it silver plated or nickle plated at a trophy shop.(Maybe i never tried it yet)

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