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    Devin Knight will be releasing his version of colored Sand to silks. ​


    I just had the opportunity to read an advanced copy of Devin's version, and it is very, very good. He teaches you the entire method of not only presenting the effect, but also designing all of the theater props. The end result is a highly visual crowd pleaser. This type of effect has been around for a very long time and has been sold for hundreds of dollars in the past. No doubt Devin has a clever mind, training under the late Al Mann his work has seen exceptional growth over the last couple of years. His Four Told series including his last Four Told Smart Device Edition released last month is the current big seller in Mentalism right now.

    Silken Sands has a very beautiful presentation:The performer shows a metal basin or bowl empty. He then puts in three large handfuls of different colored sands, red, blue, and yellow; saying from these base colors all colors can be made. The Magician then pours a quart of water into the bowl and mixes the sand and water with a wooden chopstick. Without delay he takes the chopstick, and begins to flick water into the air. Suddenly, the flicked water visibly turns into dry colored silks in mid-air! After a large production of silks is made the water is poured back into the pitcher. THE WATER IS CLEAR, the sand has vanished and the bowl is seen to be empty.

    The Silken Sands presentation leaves the audience with audible gasps in disbelief. Devin says he will be releasing this version within a couple of weeks and pre-sales are available now.

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