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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Fritts1223, Jun 23, 2010.

  1. so today i performed at a little carnival type thing at a nursing home. i was pretty nervous because i didn't have any prep time. i had to throw it all together in a day.
    i had an old fashioned magic booth set up and it was so much fun! it went a lot better than i expected.

    the residents had a great time and really enjoyed the magic. there were a lot of family members there include many children. i had never really performed for multiple kids before but it was probably my favorite magic experience i've had thus far. the look on those kids faces were so rewarding :]

    i did sponge balls at one point to a three year old boy. when the ball disappeared from my hand and went in his hand, he freaked out and lit up. he kept squeezing the ball to try to make it become two again, haha. it was so cute.

    anyways, i just wanted to share my experience with you guys. i was told by many people that it was their favorite part of the carnival which made me very happy to know.

    i know this is a common thread topic but you should post some of your favorite performances. :]
  2. Nice work Fritts. Glad you shared this.
  3. Thats a great story. I love performing for kids, the reactions just seemed so much more hyped than adults. Older spectators are always focused on finding the method as opposed to just enjoying the magic.
  4. I don't run into that.

    There's a family that comes to the farmers market I perform at every week. We've gotten to be friendly and they always run over to me when they see me. Performing for them is always great, because they love everything I do. I like to perform for them first, or after I get a somewhat flat reaction from other groups, because it's such a nice boost to morale.
  5. good work! Love to hear the stories!

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