Justin Miller and B. Smith 3 Sided Coin DVD Set

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    Justin just posted some details about a new set under the name of his and B. Smith's UStream show. The 3 Sided Coin. Sounds pretty interesting. Looking forward to more details.



    Buy Vol 1.


    Edit: New vid.
  2. ya, Im kinda excited for this too, but I think it's at ellusionist cause they also posted something about a massive set coming soon... would've been better at theory..
  3. True, but both Justin and B Smith have worked with Ellusionist quite a bit and not with T11. So I'm not really surprised
  4. I´m still supprised at how good they are getting along.

  5. Hey you theory 11 kats and kittens...purrrrr..
    Ok that was weird, anyways, yes me and B.Smith have just released a brand new 3 volume set called the TSC Sessions. It has been filmed on our 10 state 10 city lecture tour. Over 25 routines, moves, and sleights never before released and some re-worked material.
    Over 5 hours split into 3 volumes.
    we are giving away a free set (downloads) to a small number of peeps to get their hands on it and review it.
    just send me an e-mail at enduremiller@gmail.com for your chance to get a free set to review.
  6. Hey everyone I just spent that last half hour going over TSC Sessions Vol1 and really have to say I'm enjoying the quality and the details of the instructions for the first few performances. Vol1 is over an hour and half long so I will have to watch it tomorrow after work. It even looks good on my ipad! Thank you so JM for the free set review offer!

    Good journey,
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    We are so glad you are enjoying the material!
    We expect a full review..at your own pace of course...
    And we now have a 2nd promo going on right now till midnight...

    Also, a big thanks that to all who have asked for the free 3 volume set, unfortunately we have reached our limit of the number of sets we sent out (10)..but thank you for the willingness to review them.
  8. JM

    My weekend is dedicated to completing all three volumes and giving my honest assessment =)

    Have a great weekend!
  9. we look forward to it.
  10. 3 Sided Coin Volume 1 Review

    3 Sided Coin

    Volume 1 Review

    About Me: (cause you got to know who's reviewing it and what they know)
    Now let me be clear I am still in my first few months of getting into Magic with a focus on Cards/Cardistry/Flourishing
    and Coins. I was lucky enough to get a free demo of 3 Sided Coin even though I explained I'm a newb. Most of my card background is from Royal Road and Coin's from BoBo's Coin book. I've also purchased almost every "green" download from T11.

    Onto Volume 1.

    This series is shot very much from the hip with a camera phone. B.Smith and J.Miller spend a lot of time talking about the magic and the setting. There is no editing once they get started they even take a phone call during one of the tricks explanations. You really feel like that your just their third buddy that is tagging along learning their take on different tricks/tactics/terror. If I was a hotel owner I would not let them stay in my hotel.

    Hidden throughout this volume you will find some great takes on Utility moves/actions from the a demo on the straddle grip, the relax double. Also a lot of focus on the patter and how to adjust it to your advantage. I am all for respecting the great magicians and getting back to the art of magic not the gimmick of it. Both JM and BS talk about changing up the engagement and the patter not to bore the spectator with history of how you found this magic penny and it's history, but distract them with your patter make them think about what you're saying so that you can pull that cow from underneath your hat.

    Tricks of Volume 1
    (B.Smith)--Proof-- has some very nice visuals and includes a very clean demo of the "relax double"

    (JM)--The Silky Trilogy-- I called this section the silky section in my notes. I kept thinking they were going to change into their PJ's while they were doing this very silky change. Parts of this section all build onto each other and can be used as a great transition to a second trick or I think a great way to do some clean up.

    (B.Smith)--V-3-- This was the only gimmick on volume one it has a trademarked "loop" and ring. Very cool and a nice visual as a beginner I didn't think the setup was easy for an impromptu however I'm going to go back and watch it again a few more times once I get the gimmick.

    (JM)--New Dopple--- This was great card control that expanded on some previous work. The difference is this is almost entirely a one handed control.

    (B.Smith)--Blue-Mofo--A mystery card that is so clean and fair you will swear your eyes are playing tricks on you** this is the quote from their website and well I couldn't add any more to it.

    (JM)--VCR--Stand for Vertical Card Rise..again a trick that with a different twist.

    (B.Smith)--RAR..A Ripped and restored card. Now I've seen a trick like this from both T11 and of course a few others. This was a great explanation and focused on hand movements and angles. The cleanup for me was one of the better ones I've seen but I think that is very much to do with the angles they allowed to show during the walk through.

    (JM)--Drop-Box Change...this trick is for me. I like the simple but smooth. Now JM gets a little touchy/feely about the change but moves on after a few minutes. The trick is shown in a mirror which allows you to see the angles and what your hands are doing behind the scene.

    I stopped the video and tried the end moves a few times to get the flow down. I know someone of expert/intermediate will get it in a few tries. I also did a little deck stacking and called it the Drop Box Sex Change controlling person to pick a Jack(black) and having a Q(black) and K(Red) inline so after the initial transformation of the jack to the queen you immediately can change into a king using a double lift to keep the jack hidden.

  11. So tomorrow is going to be the LAST day you can get all 3 volumes together..after thursday the set will be split up. you will still be able to get my material in the video downloadable form from my site but B. smiths material got bought out and will be sold as individual routines from another respected magic company......
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    What happened?
  13. B. is going to release his half somewhere else...and i released mine at my site. No drama, just bizzness

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