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  1. can you give me review of justin miller at the table live lectur
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  2. Josh Burch has a load of lecture reviews which includes Justin Millers
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  3. I have seen the lecture and I have recorded the video review. The video will be published this Saturday but I'll see if I can get the written review done asap.
  4. Justin Miller is known for being a little rough around the edges, he is a very talented guy but his language may not be appropriate for all audiences. That said, if you want hard hitting, super simple, very powerful David Blaine style effects then this is your lecture. The methods are sound and every effect is performed on the streets for demonstration. This is Greg Wilson’s first time hosting the Murphy’s lectures and he was EXCELLENT! The lecture almost seems like a jam session and Greg and Justin really played off each other challenging and really thinking through each effect.

    Cellophane (Performance Only): While showing his inspiration for mental phane he breifly covers David Williamson’s routine as well as his own. The basic trick involves a coin penetrating the cellophane of a pack of cigarettes or card box. He touches on the method but does not really teach this.

    Mental Phane: A coin is named and your participant makes the named coin appear inside the cellophane of a pack of cigarettes or card box. This is a very simple and visual effect. I don’t really understand Justin’s selection process for the coin but Greg gives a natural alternate.

    Floating Card: This is not published anywhere but here. It is an erie card levitation and animation. A card is selected the magician reveals the wrong card. The magician then takes the card and through some fun byplay it clings mysteriously to the magicians hand, eerily rotates in space and changes into the spectators selection. With this being completely new Justin gives great insight to his creative process and him and Greg jam on the idea for a bit. It was fun just being able to see their wheels turn.

    Ring Slide: A sharpie is held by a spectator and the magician’s ring is placed on the marker. Then the ring slowly makes its way across the marker falling into the spectator’s hand. The spectator ends up holding everything completely shocked. This does require a simple gimmick that most magicians have, Justin has become well known for this tool and his skill really shows with a creative set up and a beautiful effect.

    Animated Change: Another simple effect. A card is placed in a spectator’s hand and slowly turns over changing into another card as it does. This uses a normal deck and that gimmick talked about above. It is a fun simple effect but I don’t see it as completely unique or ground breaking. Just a fun moment of magic.

    Believe: This is a crazy cool version of Joel Pascal’s effect Believe. The method is very clever, I almost enjoyed it more than the actual effect. Basically the corner of a card is torn off by a spectator face up. The card visually changes into the spectator’s selection and the corner which has never left the spectator’s hand also changes. This is incredibly powerful and is worth the price of the lecture.

    Smile: Justin has been at the forefront of magic involving a cellphone from the beginning. This is a wonderful effect where a selected card is photographed and changes both in the photo and in the spectator’s hand. This uses a normal deck of cards and a borrowed cell phone, it leaves the spectator with a wonderful souvenir and Justin thought that it was powerful enough to use it as an audition to the Ellen show. This really makes a simple concept seem huge.

    F-Fly: Justin’s take on the three-fly changes the overall feel and corrects some of the problems of past versions. The coins travel fro his fingers to his open palm one by one. He shares a handful of ideas here and you learn a lot of nice coin work.

    The Test: A Rorschach ink blot on a leather bracelet visually turns into a selected card and back into an blot. This is accomplished with a simple gimmicked bracelet you can purchase on Miller’s website. This is cool and almost kick yourself simple, lots of Justin’s magic is like that. Crazy powerful and crazy simple.

    Blood Ring: This was by far my favorite effect on the lecture. You make an imprint using your ring on the palm of your hands you then take the impression off of one hand and place it on the other causing the 2 ring impressions to link. This reminds me of an old Paul Harris idea using shag carpet, mixed with the old blister effect. All you need for this is a normal ring and two hands. This is a great geek effect that you can perform at any time.

    Wow, this was a nice lecture. If you do a lot of walk around, bar or casual performances then this is the lecture for you. Justin Miller really knows how to capture powerful moments and make the most of them.

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