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Kings County Fair

Sep 1, 2007
Hey guys, if anyone is going to be in the kings county area, I'm working the fair (non-magic related) but if anyone wants to meet up or jam send me a PM or text me at 858-342-7352.

I'll be up here the 8th- 11th so let me know.

Thanks for your time
Sep 1, 2007
I figured people who were in the area would know the fair I was talking about, but it's in Hanford, CA.

Maybe I trust people too much but I don't think anyone will prank call me or something. Maybe I give people too much credit


Elite Member
Sep 13, 2008
Ah, okay, it is the one I thought. Didn't realize it was this week so I won't be making it this year.

There's more than one King's County, that's the thing. County names repeat all over the US.
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