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  1. I've seen here on forum (I don't remember which threat it was) that someone said something about knuckle cracking. Is it true that it can weaken your slight of hand performance? I crack my knuckles all the time and I want to stop but it's already a automatic thing for me, sometimes I don't even realize I've done it.
    I realized my pinky can't go far down, for example for some moves I need my pinky to go straight down but it starts to curl in insted.
    Another thing is that my ring and pinky can't move one without the other.
    I know I have to practice a lot for some moves and I will, but I would like to know if stoping cracking my knuckles would help in any way.
  2. Total urban myth. Makes no difference.
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  3. That's a myth :) You're fine cracking your knuckles

    For the finger thing, most of that is normal. You can strengthen the finger by practicing it, and it'll make the curl or the movement less mandatory, but it's perfectly normal the way it is.

    I'm not sure if you ever did it back in school, but people always used to do the thing where they put their hands on a flat surface and tried o move each finger by itself, but couldn't do so without the pinky. That's a good demonstration of that. It's just the way the tendons line up.
  4. Most people can't really move their pinky independently. The only people I know who can are musicians - guitar, specifically, but I bet any stringed instrument with a fret board, and maybe piano or similar keyboard instruments, would have the same result.

    I have a lot of lateral movement I can do with each finger, but I cannot bend my pinky more than a fraction of an inch without my ring finger bending as well. Slightly more on my left than my right, but nothing useful.

    As Maaz said, it's how the tendons are arranged in your hand. Those two fingers are intricately connected. It can be practiced, though.
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  5. Thank you for answers... I'm primarily asking because I just bought Xavior Spade work on Raise Rise and for Ambitious riser obviously I have to use my pinky a lot but I just can't reach that far down and I don't even have small hands.. every move I practiced until now had a certain mechanic behind it and it was just a matter of repetition (double lift, pass or any type of control).. but now I just can't even start because muscles don't allow me... when I'm trying to pull with my pinky I feel like I'm blocked.. I hope I will develop necessary strength with time :)
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  6. Cheers for me...I play a musical instrument and learn singing.

    So ask my pinky to do whatever you want, it can easily do that.
    Heck, it can prolly even go to the store itself and buy milk for me...dunno...will try that soon.
  7. Pinky movement and strength is something I have struggled with usually when trying to do any type of simple flourish. Repetition for me is what allowed me to eventually get a handle on things. I just never used my hands this type of way before trying to manipulate cards.
  8. It my just be another muscle you need to work on to eventually get it to do what you want it to do.
  9. I've cracked my knuckles for like 10 years. Doesn't affect on anything

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