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  1. Hey Guys,
    So this summer i am going back to the same sports camp that i go to every year. Around there I am known as the magician and am always asked to do tricks for people. I think it would be really cool to do something new for them.

    I am looking to perform a major prediction effect at my camp this year. Every year we have a "color war" where for four days the entire camp competes in events for points. I think it would be really cool if i could do a prediction of the score in front of the whole camp before it starts and then reveal my prediction afterwards. I was wondering if you guys had any suggestions. Thanks
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    Understand, there are some silly pros & cons in doing this. . . if your team wins the other team will go into Conspiracy mode and of course, if the other team wins you'll have team mates think similar thoughts. . . somehow you managed to cheat things. So where it comes to a situation in which you are not neutral, I wouldn't suggest doing this. . . at least not in as direct a manner as most would approach a "prediction".

    I do a routine in which I get a letter mailed to the attention of the CEO of whatever company I'm working for that has been mailed to the hotel where the event is scheduled; the letter is from a noted area psychic (supposedly) . . . the routine however, is a variation to CONFABULATION; this post-marked, sealed letter that I've never touched (apparently) has a long list of described details tied to the evening or the whole event up to show time + a prediction at the end. An approach that would work better for you in that it is far more neutral and you are only "predicting" events and situations that will happen to individuals or groups. This makes things fun and funny and allows you to side-step the previously noted sticky situations.

    There are other ways to execute a CONFABULATION routine that flesh out more of the stage area but the letter method(s) I use tend to be more bewildering and look far less like a magic trick.

    I would encourage you to invest into two specific books and study them well prior to asking me about the over-all handling of things;

    * PARAMIRACLES by Ted Lesley
    * MIND READING from (the pdf, not the course)​

    I am assuming you already own Corinda in that one of the elements behind this bit will be found there. . . between these 3 resources you will have over 80% of my method available to you. If you can figure out at least a portion of what I do, I'll help you fill in the rest. . .

    . . . there's always a price to be paid; an exchange to be had even when things are apparently "free".​

    Another source, when it comes to Confabulation as an effect, would be to check out Paul Stockman's DVD CONNECTED and similarly, his IMPOSSIBLE ENVELOPE might give you some ideas when it comes to how to execute things.

    You now have more than enough to get started and to mull over. Feel free to IM me should you have questions on how to approach things. ;)
  3. Patrick Redford's Proffecy voice is a modern version of the tape recorder prediction that would probably work well.
  4. I don't know that one goatears, could you elaborate, maybe drop a link?
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    Basically it is a prerecorded prediction on your cell phone. Patrick Redford uses it to predict a number or a name a spectator is thinking of but it really can be used for almost anything. The phone or recorder is ungimmicked and it can be impromptu.


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