Late to EMC important questions.

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  1. I know i missed out on most perks of registering early and missed the conference but i was wondering will i still be sent the dvds after if i register now. So aside from that i want to know if you learn any tricks to perform for people or is it just talking and learning things like that. did any of you do it was it worth it i mean i know its a great deal with being able to watch it and being sent it but i want the content to be worth it like i want to learn tricks and things for the 90 dollars not just watch things that completely fry me then not learn them.
  2. I think if you sign-up now you wont get the DVD's but you can watch all the sessions online.
  3. You will still get the DVD's mate,

    No need to worry.
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    I have just paid the 90$ for EMC, but I cannot find by any means what should I click in order to view the conference. Can somebody guide me? Thank you.

    (I have found what I was looking for. Have a nice day!)

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