Laymen and Hecklers

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    Hey everyone!

    I know everyone has had to deal with both laymen and hecklers all the time. I know that this Christmas I will be doing card tricks for my family. At thanksgiving I blew my away with some card tricks yet learned that I have a couple of laymen in my family. I am now looking for impromptu effect which will blow them away because at thanksgiving I showed my best tricks. If any of you have any effects please let me know about them. Once again I am looking for a impromptu trick which is also a beginner trick. Nothing to difficult.

    My next question is what to you like to do with laymen and hecklers. There everywhere and no one likes them. I wanted some advise because in a few years I am planing of going out and performing for people. Yet I wanted to hear about how you deal with them yourself so I'm ready for both my family and the outside world. Any advise please write below.

    P.S. For any people wondering I just ordered both Card College Volume 1 by Roberto Giobbi and Royal Road to Card Magic by Jean Hugard and Frederick Braue. ( which were highly recommended by many people for me )
  2. First of all...great purchases with the books you have coming your way! A wealth of knowledge and material.

    Second, Call me crazy but you're job as a magician is to ENTERTAIN the spectators, not try to stump them. That is what causes a lot of the heckling in the first place. Especially from family members. Sometimes family members are not the best to perform for because they 1.) Do not give a crap about your feelings or reputation 2.) Get sick of seeing magic all of the time so they just try to pick you a part and call you out on things.

    What do you do with family members? Well...I for one let them be part of my learning process and allow them to help me improve upon my skills. They will view things and in a nice way give me crucial feedback before I go out and perform it in a "paid" gig.

    If you go into a performance with the mindset of ENTERTAINING and we are all going to have a little fun "together" goes a lot better. Do not allow it to become magician v.s. spectators or you are just asking to be heckled.

    If you are in a bad situation and where you are trully getting heckled by strangers...Please...just stop and thank them for their time and walk away. Saying things back only makes you stoop to their level and does not look professional at all.
  3. I think you might not quite understand the meaning of the word "layman". It's not an insult, or anything bad. In magic terms, it just means anyone who isn't in on the secrets; a non-magician. In more general terms, it's someone who is not trained in a particular field. So, for example, a carpenter might call anyone who isn't a carpenter a "laymen".
  4. Exactly. One could perhaps compare it to for example a hockey player (the magician) and an audience member (a layman). Someone who is on the outside, a spectator.

    Heckler would be the accurate term for what you're describing in the original post, schwarzeneggermagic.

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