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    Lee Asher spent alot of time working on Thunderbird, and i find it fitting i give it a modern, in depth review.

    (So sorry Doug:p)

    What is it?

    Thunderbird is a Four card production sequence, which happens all in the right (or left) hand. The Aces (or any toher four cards) are one by one produced visually, magically, if you will, at face height. The trick lasts less than fifteen seconds, and although it is relatively short for a four card production - it is worth it's price in gold. When you purchase the effect, you recieve a beautifully produced Ebook, with a link to some 'performer's view'...performances to aid in the learning.


    Thunderbird requires no gimmick whatsoever, there is a setup, but as always with four card productions, it is so fast it can be done in seconds. IT doesn't have to be done right before you perform - I find i can comfortably have the setup with me until I need it. As such, Thunderbird is not impropmtu per se.


    The Ebook is illustrated beautifully, I find the pictures are crystal clear and there are no spelling mistakes. The teaching is laid out simply - for ease of learning. Together with this, you also get the short video, which is silent - in the style of Dan and Dave and simply shows you the performer's view of the effect twice. Althuogh this may seem little, The actuall moves are not long and can be easily taught. This makes the video a very nice bonus:)

    The Ebook is 24 pages long and is split into a 6 page teaching of Thunderbird (which is in turn, split into the different productions) Lee's thoughts and tips, a Variation on one of the stages of Thunderbird and some credits and acknowledgements. The teaching comprises of 12 pages without the bonuses.


    The actual Productions all rattle down to a dizzyingly old move, which albeit old, is, or should be, part of any Cardistryalists' repetoire. (Yes, I just made that word up). If you can call yourself a Cardistryer, then chances are you can perform Thunderbird.

    Lee Asher's Thoughts And Tips

    As well as teaching the effect, Lee Asher goes on into ways of how to make the productions and the 'secret move' more comfortable - and helps you make your performance seem more relaxed. There are three tips alongisde this - Tips to help you sell the effect and perform it smoothly. As always, Lee adds some of his jokes to the ebook (anyone who ownes Sex Sells will know what I mean) that make his Ebooks oh so enjoyable to read;)

    What I think?

    I think this is one of the best products to come from Lee Asher. Yes, it is. It is so beautifull, intircate, smooth - it just oozes awesomness and control whn you perform it to a live audience. You can use it as a single demonstration of sleight of hand, you can use it to begin an effect with four cards, you can even use it to produce business cards with your credentials on them, in case you're looking for a job.

    The effect is so simple, it leaves you ample space to add in your extra flair, card flourishes or whatnot. There is plenty of space for personalization, and I think this is a focal point if one ever wants to create their own magic.

    I learnt it in a week, and after 2 hours of practise every day for that week, I felt good enough to perform it. Let me tell you, I did it to the barman in Fridays. Blown away.

    Of course, however, there are downsides...

    Room for personalization
    Great for getting remembered

    The bigger the hands, the easier the effect
    Angle sensitive. (very)

    Money well spent.


    Teaching - 8.5/10
    Practicality - 9/10
    Ebook + Video - 10/10
    Overall - 8.5/10

    Let me know if I left anything out!

    PS: Thanks to the mod who capitalized 'ThunderBird' on the title - my bad.
  2. Great review!

    I just wanted to comment... I purchased this, along with the Diving Board Double, and agree 100% with the above review. Fantastic work from Lee Asher on this one!

    I also wanted to add that after I received it, I emailed Lee to say "thank you", and just how pleased I was. The next day I received an email from Lee himself, thanking me for my kind words and for"making his day". What a classy guy, indeed!
  3. Lee always replies promptly to his emails, he's great. Nice review man.
  4. It should be "comprises", not "compromises". They have completely different meanings.

    I believe the term is "cardist" for someone who performs cardistry. It was coined by Richard Zadorozny for this purpose.
  5. I believe he was being silly :p
  6. Indeed I was - It was bit late up here in Norway and heck, cardistryer doesn't detract form the review too much now does it?

    @Shanku, thanks for the comprises - ill edit it now.;)

    And I agree completely. Thank you for the kind words!
  7. My bad. I thought you were being serious. Anyway, nice review. I like this production but I'm not as smooth with it as I would like to be.
  8. I dont think anyone is until theyve practised way too much for it to be healthy ;). Which is what i plan on doing. I want it to look as smooth as Daren Yeow's:

    he's my hero :p

    along with the other Virts!
  9. Daren's is quite amazing.
  10. Hey Gustavo, is this suitable for someone who is unfamiliar with the tenkai palm?
  11. Hi Vior, good question. If you had never heard of the Tenkai Palm before, you would still be able to learn this effect marvelously. Lee goes over every single nuisance in order to perform this effect to it's fullest. :)
  12. Sounds great. Btw, can you elaborate more on the angles?
  13. Angles are as with any tenkai, you'll want people as close to straight ahead of you as you can manage.
  14. Praetoritevong gave you the lowdown; as with the Tenkai palm, you are going to want to have people straight ahead of you or a little to your right (if you're right handed). Thunderbird is more of a one on one trick, maybe performed to two people, if you have to. More than two I woudn't recommend unless they're perfectly positioned. Which most people never are :p As long as you perform it at face height, to poeple standing marginally in front of you, no problemo :)
  15. Gustavo (and anyone else who read this),

    This is not true. I've performed Thunderbird for over 1200 people before.

    If you understand your angles, and how to perform for large groups -- Thunderbird is a killer. With that said, if the group is that large, I use it as a opener.

    Don't scare yourself into thinking this should be performed for one to two people. It plays MUCH larger than that.

    Hope that helps...

  16. Really? wow...Is that 1200 people sitting in an auditorium type setup? like a horseshoe? full frontal stage?...:eek:I didn't know that. Until now (and for a while longer) I haven't had the guts to perform for more than three people...I wouldn't have thought it was such a good stage trick, because it is quite a 'small' in the face miracle to me.

    Lee, you da man.:)
  17. An auditorium type setup... it was at an AFAP convention in Paris, France.

    While I don't suggest performing it for 1200, my point is that it plays for much more than 2 or 3.

    Hope that helps!

  18. love the review
    love the trick (or Ace production ;) )


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