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Aug 2, 2021
I am a left-handed light beginner and having trouble with culling cards as well as fans and flourishes. anyone have any recommendations as to whether I should just learn with my non-dominant hand or are there any special tips for us left handers? Thanks!


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Dec 7, 2013
Practice will be the most important thing. You'll figure out what works best for you as you work on different moves. Even "beginner" moves require a LOT of practice to do well. I'm left handed as well, but I haven't made any special changes to how moves are usually handled based on my dominant hand. I naturally hold the deck in my left hand and deal with my right hand. I practice most fans and especially one hand moves with both hands. As a beginner it's tempting to blame your hands or lack of coordination if you don't get the result you want soon, but it usually just comes down to repeating the same move over and over again, making small adjustments like holding the cards at the proper angle and applying the right amount of pressure. General advice such as washing your hands before you handle the cards, and using a product like O'Keefe's working hands for grip will help as well. The best tip I received when I started handling cards was to keep a light touch. I tend to death grip the cards when I learn a new move, so remembering to handle the cards gently is important. Also try focusing on just one or two moves. If your trying a move a few times then moving on to the next move, then the next, then the next, your not giving yourself a chance for muscle memory to take hold. For instance practice a thumb fan every day until you get a feel for it. The experience will help you learn the next move you attempt. You will also be more motivated to learn the second move when your able to incorporate performing the first move you learned into your practice sessions.
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