Linking rings for the streets - Dan Harlan

Apr 26, 2015
Hi there,
I’m looking for a linking rings routine to perform on the street when the pandemic is over. I quite enjoyed the routine that Dan Harlan taught in his Tarbell series, in which two spectators are involved. However, that routine used nine rings and I only have a standard set of eight. From some research I have found that he has taught other routines using eight rings on the World´s Greatest Magic DVDs and on a DVD called “Pack Small, Play Big: The Trade Show”. My questions for those who have seen these are:

1. Are these two (WGM and PSPB) the same routine?
2. If they are, is it similar to the one he taught on the Tarbell lesson? If not, which is the closest to the one in the Tarbell lesson?
3. Other resources I should check out for a comedy routine for the streets? (I’m already aware of Pop Haydn’s four ring routine, its great).

Thanks for your insights!


Nov 4, 2014
Orange County, Ca
Are you using small closeup rings or large stage rings?

If the former, you need to look into:
-Ninja rings by Shoot Ogawa
-Ninja+ by Matthew Garrett
-Messado Rings by Joshua Messado

If the later I think the pop Haydn routine is best! It is the one I use. I recommend the "world's greatest magic" series by L&L too. Lots of great stuff on there!
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Aug 20, 2010
JonathanN2 is using large stage rings.

1. Yes the Ring Master routine is the same on each product.


Aug 20, 2010
*1. On further examination I believe the routines are different. I was accidentally looking at Dan Harlan's The All Purpose Show, as the Ringmaster routine that is on World's Greatest Magic is from that product.
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