Liquid Glass

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  1. Hey guys, just so you all know, I recently put out a new pdf on
    called Liquid Glass. It features three object through glass table effects.
    Check out the page for more info.
    It would be sweet if someone who got it wrote a review so I could see what they
    thought of it.
    Thanks bunches,

    Calvin Lauber
  2. The effects sound pretty nice. Are there any videos online where we could see performances?
  3. Calvin...That stuff is just brilliant.

    And you're only 13 or something! Damn...great stuff.

    What made you write up a pdf instead of making a dvd?
  4. Thanks man!
    I hope you enjoy it!

    Calvin Lauber
  5. Haha thanks bro!
    Yeah, I actually had a plan to make a DVD with a certain company (can't say)
    but it really didn't turn out. So I put it out on pdf, just for you guys! ; )
    haha thanks,

    Calvin Lauber

    EDIT: And btw I'm 14! haha yeah big difference..
  6. Purchased,

    Will let you know,


    Then write a review on

    Will let you know when its up :)
  7. Just had a quick read through the effects,

    Not what I expected to be honest,

    And I think with a bit of practise they would all be fairly effective :)

    Well done, but will write a full review later.

  8. Why didn't you make a DVD yourself then?
  9. In the future, if you wanted to make a DVD,

    Get in contact with me.
  10. :O
    Why? Maybe you can help me out...
  11. I have a fair few contacts in the media industry here,

    Aswell as having years of experiance in Media, Music etc.

    Plus the means to produce and sell the material if needed.

    Only issue being obviously, is the filming issue if your not in Australia.

    But, can always work something out.
  12. I like the effects.. I figuired out the last one, but that's fine.

    Good job.
  13. Yeah nice work Calvin. I'm thinking about buying it when I have some extra cash. is a great site if you want to get some material out. I have a few things that I'm working on for the site, so I'll give you guys an update when they are up.

  14. Ah, that does pose a dilema, haha.

    Well, I'll keep you in mind for some projects I'm working on (sounded soooo queer).

    But are you looking for payment of some sort? Or are you willing to do it for free?
  15. Free.

    Anything to help out a fellow magician
  16. Hey Calvin,

    I remember this project of yours when you first started it over at E and I helped you out on some of the quarks, the final videos look so much better I'm glad this thing worked out for you.

    I'll be picking this one up thats for sure.

  17. Thanks a bunch mate.

    If all goes well, you'll be hearing from me soon!
  18. Iam very impressed, wow I am suprised you came up with these effects at such a young age!

    After watching these vids i came up with methods of how i would accomplish these effects but i think I am going to buy the pdf to see your methods and of course encourage you to keep making effects!

    seriously though I am really impressed!

    how long you been doing magic for?

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