List on knuckle-busting card moves.

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  1. Could someone give me a list of knuckle-busting card moves?
    I think the most knuckle-busting move that I've learned is the side steal (if that is knuckle-busting).
  2. It's a matter of perspective, but for me I'd say something like the Clip Shift might qualify, though that could just be because I haven't mastered it yet.
    There are things I would have put on the list previously but now that I can do them they don't seem so bad - I'm talking to you Tivo 2.0!
  3. Well, it depends. For me, something like the ambitious riser or the center deal are knuckle-busting. I struggled with the classic revolution cut much more than Kryptonite by Dan and Dave, but I wouldn’t call either of them truly knuckle busting. Considering the level you are in, your perspective of knuckle busting moves changes.
  4. Clip shift is one

    Raise Rise will sap two years off your life
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  5. And makes you prone to arthritis and CTS (a fun fact, I’m sure my CTS is caused by practicing Kryptonite, Bullet, and Raise Rise).
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  6. Xavier Spades future reverse will take a while to get right
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  7. Is it as bad as jacking your hands up with continuous Muscle Pass practice and use?
  8. I've struggled with getting the Diagonal Palm Shift just right
  9. Well, I practiced muscle pass for a while, muscle pass would cause your palm to hurt, but such moves would kinda hurt the neurons of you wrist and palm( more accurately Median and Ulnar nerves), and your hand would feel tired and sore for a while, but not necessarily painful.
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  10. Clipshift. I have trigger finger which I only recently learnt is basically CTS in your finger. Great.
  11. I'll just list off a bunch of stuff for the sake of listing a bunch of stuff:

    -Clipshift by Chad Nelson
    -Ambitious Riser by Fred Robinson (more well known under Ray Kosby)
    -Longitudinal Swivel Steal by Ernest Earick
    -Claptrap by Ernest Earick
    -Undertow by Dave Buck
    -One-Handed Bottom Palm by Ernest Earick
    -One-Armed Bandit by Blaise Serra
    -One-Handed Popover by Aaron Fisher
    -Techno-Pop by Jack Carpenter
    -Groove Electric Switch by Doc Docherty
    -Unexpected Upjog by Doc Docherty
    -Ripping by Jeremy Griffith
    -Middle Deal and Center Deal by both R.C. Buff and Ed Marlo respectively

    And that's all I can think of now, I'll write some more if anything comes up
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