Looking for a specific type of levitation prop

Discussion in 'The Marketplace' started by tomvason, Mar 24, 2017.

  1. I'm looking for a specific type of illusion. I'm trying to find something similar to the Blaney illusions (ladder levitation, 3001 suspension) or the flying carpet props. However, I want it on a very small scale. Something that would be about the size that would suitable to levitate a small doll (Barbie or smaller), or even a small coffee cup.

    I have instructions for a doll levitation that is contained within a box, but it is really not a very good one and too easy for anyone to figure out. So, I'm searching for a miniature of the Ladder type levitation or flying carpet.

    I appreciate anyone who can point me to where I might find something like this. Thanks!
  2. So, these types of illusions aren't great small scale. If you want something that works using their mtethods you'll have to make it up yourself most likely.

    I would move towards something like this:


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