Looking for a story line for this effect.

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  1. Hey mates,
    i really dont know if there is an effect out there that is similar to this one, but well...im not saying i created this effect, im just looking for a story line.
    I already thought about presenting it without words.... but i dont like that so much.
    This is the effect ...

    You show the 4 kings (can be any 4 cards of a kind) and lay them face down on the table.
    Than you go through the deck and take out 4 cards and lay them down on the table. The deck is set aside, you dont need it anymore.
    One of the four face down kings is chosen as the leader and they are laid down in a "T" formation. (the same as in dream of aces etc.)
    You pick up the pile you took out of the deck and display the 4 cards. You take one of them (lets call it C1) and lay it down next to the king thats lying alone.
    Now you pick up the first king in the 3er row and slide it into the packet.
    You turn it around, snap it (doesnt matter) and when you display the 4 cards again, the king has vanished. Bu instead of the king the card you laid down , the C1 card, travelled back to the packet.
    You repeat this 2 more times with the other 2 kings in the back row.
    C2 and C3 are set down next to the single king and C1 and travel back to the pile as the 2 kings vanish.
    In the end when there are only 4 cards left on the table (king, C1,C2,C3)
    you slowly turn them around.
    You dont find the 4 kings as expected but the 4 aces (again, you can choose any cards there)

    Well thats it.
    Hope you can imagine how it looks like.
    Maybe you know effects that are similar or exact the same.
    But im only looking for a story ;)

    Many thanks in advance!
  2. What you describe sounds pretty much identical in effect to John G's "Jazz Fusion". Check it out on his Brainstorm DVDs, highly recommended.


    He uses a "black hole" idea. The four X cards are all black spot cards, and when you feed a king in, it vanishes entirely. The implied effect is a transposition back to the table, but when the four tabled cards are turned over, they are all blanks, proving that the kings really did vanish. John uses blanks with question marks printed on them, which is a nice touch.

    I didn't like the presentation he used, so I came up with the following idea: time travel.

    You place an X card on the table, then you place a king from the table into the packet in your hand. You travel back in time a few seconds..."But just a moment ago, the X card was up here and the king was nowhere to be seen..."

    This is repeated for the remaining cards. "So if the X cards travelled back to my hand, the kings should be on the table...but you know, its a funny thing but last time I did this trick, I did it with the aces." and reveal.

    Another line I like to use involves doing a trick just beforehand which leaves the aces on the table (I use another one of John's effects, called Here There Everywhere with a time-travel plotline to do this. It's FASDIU and produces the aces). When it comes time for the final reveal, I will say "But actually, we travelled further back than I thought...remember before I started this demonstration, we weren't using kings...and reveal...we were using aces".

    An alternative presentation: "Hey, look what I can do! Weeeeeeeee!"

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