Looking for T shirt and gaff deck please advise :-)

Discussion in 'Magic Forum' started by kalebzebadi, Oct 15, 2015.

  1. Hi guys i'm looking for a nice quality T shirt that has a bicycle card printed on the front of it. If anyone can recommend me a good quality one??

    I'm also looking for a gaff deck of cards where the backs of the cards are split vertically or diagonally red and blue.

    So half the back is red and half is blue. The idea being if i spread the cards in different ways it will show a red deck then a blue one.

    Regards guys, please help.

    First post in this forum, hopefully not the last!!


  2. Do u mean the back of a bicycle card?
  3. I've seen the split cards (maybe one or two of them) in the Bicycle Blue Gaff Deck (the one that comes with Simon Lovell's Packet Killer not the Ellusionist gaff deck). I've never seen a whole deck of those cards. I know you can custom order them for $2 each on Marty Martini's site (martinismagic.com) but that is $102 for a deck.

    Your best bet is to learn to split cards and make your own. Check out the DVD The Art of Card Splitting or the booklet of the same name on Martini's wesite. Now, it will be slightly more difficult to fan the homemade cards.

    The other option is to print your own. Learn how at lybrary.com: http://www.lybrary.com/how-to-make-your-own-playing-cards-a-11.html. The card designer lets you do the diagonal split backs:
  4. I'm pretty sure you can buy the half deck with Shin Lims 52 shades of red DVD or just get the replacement deck at http://shinlimmagic.com/product/52-shades-gaff-deck/ the only downside of that is the cards are also half blank on the face side. Just a thought.

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