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  1. Hey guys, so last week I posted a unique thread . In this said thread the reader was to make a magician mad, however they were only allowed 4 words. It was a hilarious game, and I loved it so much. In fact I plan on hosting these kind of games every week. it is a nice way for us magicians (or catfish) to sit back and relax to very relatable topics. It should be a lot of fun.

    This week I ask you to name a magic product and provide an honest made up slogan for it.

    I'm so looking forward to seeing your responses.
  2. Expert at The Card Table

    "Yeah, you thought those high school Shakespeare books were a pain to read"
  3. Loops

    "It takes a month to master them, but an hour to break the entire pack."
  4. Crazy Man's Handcuffs

    "The poor mans escape routine."
  5. Triumph and/or OOTW

    "Satisfy audience members with OCD"
  6. Torn and Restored Card

    "Why would you do that?"
  7. Scotch and Soda.

    "Most expensive $.51 you can buy."
  8. Thumb Tip

    "Result of the first magician hitchhiker"
  9. IT

    “I don’t always use it, but when I do it breaks right after I hook it up.”
  10. Sawing a lady in half

    "When the safety of your audience matters, but not too much"
  11. Ambitious Card

    "This Card is ambitious. This Card is ambitious. This Card is ambitious. This Card is ambitious. This Card is ambitious. This Card is ambitious. This Card is ambitious. This Card is ambitious. This Card is ambitious."
  12. ‘Raise Rise’

    What are you going to practice for the next 2 years?
  13. Invisible Deck/Brainwave decks

    “Go ahead and shuffle immediately like you’re used to! Hardly any reset time!”
  14. $5 to $500 (back to $5)

    "For a rich man to appear poor ($5), to then appear rich ($500), to finally appear poor once again ($5), but is still rich (method of trick) while giving the illusion to be poor ($5)."
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  15. Deck of Cards

    "Why be unique and magical, when you can be a geek and typical?"
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  16. Smoke

    "taking vape pens to a whole new meaning"
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  17. The Pass

    “Spend years mastering it, then never use it!”
  18. The Professor's Nightmare

    "A trick you can do with an item you can find around the house - like in your parents' bedroom."
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  19. Herman Pass

    "The other guy"

  20. I’m afraid to respond........

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