Magic-Con 2010 - Who's Coming?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by MattTarrant, Oct 19, 2009.

  1. i'm really looking forward to this. so many great people are going to be there.
  2. I believe the first 200 Entries have been sold,

    Any idea when they will release who won the prizes?
  3. Magic-Con is being held near the Gaslamp Quarter in San Diego. Its about a 5-10 minute walk to and from the Bayfront Hilton.

    Here there is shopping, dining and other hotel options. I have been to San Diego many times and this is a great area.

    Take a look.

  4. The Gas Lamp District's awesome. I'm there every weekend. The long lines outside of nightclubs and restaurants make for some really good spontaneous performance opportunities. If there's going to be a MagicCon afterparty, it should definitely be around the Gas Lamp District. Awesome time; beautiful people; friendly atmosphere.

  5. so... im only 14 and so i cant come alone... might sound like a dumb question but... is it ok if i bring my dad even though he isnt a magician, it sounds like this is a canference discussing magic. i would feel weird having a guy that dosent practice the art in the room with us. but again im only 14 so i cant come alone.
  6. Absolutely fine - there is actually a part of the sign-up form specifically for adding additional registrations for parents, girlfriends, wives, dogs, cats, etc.

  7. This is just a thought, and might not fly with your parents, but I am 14 as well, and attended Magic Live in Vegas this year. My parents stayed at the hotel during the entire convention since there were lots of fun things to do there. They let me go to the convention by myself, since the events were always on the same premises as the hotel. The situation will be the same for me during Magic-Con, but whether or not this helps, I just thought I'd let you know.
  8. how many spots are there? Should I buy soon? is it anywhere near filled?

  9. yeah im 13 and im going. i think im going to have my dad just go do something while im there though.
  10. What?

    What happened?

  11. Geeze... Sadly I also might not be able to attend Magic-Con... Is it non-refundable?

    Might have to sell it on ebay as well....

    Maybe I could get someone to trade me Pure Effect for it :D
  12. Good luck with that.

    That book is valued at over 400.00, and for anyone who is able to fully apply everything from page to page, it's priceless. Same with Absolute Magic

  13. I, sadly, cannot go. why? because I am across the continent, in another country, and school only has one break every three months (plus weekends which are usually sleep time) so... yeah... maybe 2011 if I can get the money...

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