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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by RyanMagician, Jan 11, 2018.

  1. Hello! I really want to go to a magic convention somewhere where I live, in southern California. I've never been to a magic convention before. I really want to so I can improve my magic and meet some of my idols. I decided to look online to find some, but they are really far. Are there any in southern California?
  2. I think @obrienmagic can help you there.

    If you ever find yourself in Michigan, I know of a few good conventions around this area.
  3. Where in southern california do you live? I may no of a place or two ;) You are welcome to PM me if you want as well!
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  4. Well, I'm willing to go pretty much anywhere in southern California. LA, San Diego, etc.
  5. Ok if that is the case then. Suggest you check out the following venues:

    -The Monday night jams: this is a magic meetup group that meets every Monday at 7pm at the Mimi’s Cafe in Tustin off of the 55fwy and 17th street. Open to all ages and skill levels. Basically if you love magic you are welcome!

    -Dan and Dave: if cardistry is your thing I know Dan and Dave host a meetup in San Diego. I don’t k ow the deets but I am sure someone else on here can chime in.

    -The magic castle: of course you would need to know a member to get in, but it is a fun place to hang out and meet other magicians for sure.
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  6. Colon lol
  7. Yeah Colon is the big one with Abbots Get Together, Abbots Close-up Convention, FAB Magic Camp, and some stuff that Sterlini will put on. But there is also Michigan Magic Day that the different chapters of IBM put on as well as few other small scale magic get togethers as well.
  8. Yeah I was in Colon the other week, I'm also in Michigan so :)
  9. Right on! Colon's fun to visit every now and again.
  10. If you don't mind me asking, around what city do you live in Michigan?
  11. I'm from Ann Arbor but I travel all over the state a lot.
  12. That sounds cool! How do I join?
  13. And you said "open to all ages." Does that mean even if you are a kid like me?

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