MAGIC CREDIT CARDS _ which one should you get? Let's COMPARE!

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  1. Magic Review - FRAUD by Peter Turner & Ellusionist

    COST: $20

    Use FRAUD to:

    • Know their freely thought-of number
    • Divine a drink selected at random from a cocktail menu
    • Predict a 'fairly chosen' number and show it printed on your card
    • Have them create a unique number that becomes your expiry date

    Magic Review - Wonder Card by Wonder Makers

    COST: $30

    Wonder Card is one of the most practical and visual way to produce money from your credit card just in 1 second! Now you can cash out money directly from your credit card into the spectators hand! Using ordinary lighter you can see your money balance. 7 incredible magic effects in one credit card!

    Magic Review: CREDiTKA by Artifex

    COST: $30

    With CREDiTKA, everything happens in the spectators hands. They look back at the credit card but the digits are no longer there... Instead, they see the prediction that's IMPRINTED where the numbers were a minute ago.

    Mental Card by Hektor

    COST: $30

    With the Mental Card you can:
    – predict selected symbols, numbers, cards;
    – force words, numbers, symbols, cards in different ways;
    – make incredible revelations with Virtual Reality animations;
    – combine it with your deck of cards for more powerful effects!

    Withdrawal by Jeff Prace and Josh Janousky

    COST: $25

    Visually extract real currency from an ordinary gift card... not once, but TWICE... and the gift card is IMMEDIATELY EXAMINABLE with no palming, loading, stealing, or switching!

    In Your Wallet by Jeff Prace

    COST $25

    Credit Card Fraud by Brad Manuel and PropDog

    Peel the magnetic strip off a credit card $17
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  2. Some great reviews here.

    I have the Ellusionist card and all of Hektor’s cards.

    I think the Ellusionist card is the most innocuous looking and probably has the best teaching, although I got mine from the HTRM kit and not as a stand-alone so I can’t speak to the newer video. I carry this one in my magic wallet with a few other items.

    Hektor’s cards are great and he’s friendly and very responsive on Facebook. He has a newer card called the Uni-Peek which I recently received and it is fantastic. I carry this and the Mental Card together in my actual wallet.

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