Magic might've gotten me into college!

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Ben Long, Apr 2, 2008.

  1. I got into my first choice college (Bard). They don't require SAT scores, preferring instead to look at other things.

    I sent them this ( essay and I got in. Coincidence? Perhaps...

    Conclusion? Colleges may very well be impressed by magic.
  2. dude that is awsome!!
  3. Very nice!

    Maybe the person who read it was an art major or possibly a magician.
    Or maybe you just wrote a really good essay? Who knows.
    Once again, good job man!
    Good to hear!
  4. Oh cool man, congradulations! As a matter a fact, I am actually looking into Bard too. I'm just a high school sophmore (10th grade), so I've got two more years to go, but it looks like a great school. Plus, my dad went there, and he loved it! I don't know if this is too personal, but just for reference, I don't anybody who has gone there recently, and it would great to know the GPA of someone who got in. If its a problem no worries, but it would be pretty cool just to know. My parents say that I will need a 3.5 at least to get in...
  5. you deserve to get into college with an essay like that, great job
  6. Thank you, I really appreciate that.

    I feel like maybe magic is starting to become more respected as an art, as long as we treat is as such.
  7. wow... i think magic might have (or at least had some factor) into me getting into bard high school... it was my second choice for non specialized (its a new york thing) but I ended up choosing to go to bronx science next year which was my overall top choice (bard being my 3rd) sorry i just thought that was a sort of cool coincidence.

    but back on topic, i created a dvd of me performing several tricks and gave it to them during my interview and i talked about how much i love magic and how it affects my real life and how much effort goes into practice and especially the phycology involved...

    well congrats man... my brothers friend goes there and loves it
  8. That's pretty damn cool.
  9. When I was in High School I interviewed for a college scholarship. They had read my essay (and hundreds of others). They were now in the process of narrowing things down. I wrote about my interests, including magic.

    We did the interview. It went fine, but at the end one of the ladies exclaimed, "Ok, I'll do it....Will you show is a trick?"

    So, I did. I did one or two quick things and they laughed saying, "He has to get the scholarship, he'll be fun to have at the parties."

    I laughed with them.

    Turned out it wasn't a joke. I landed a full ride PLUS expenses. The way it worked out, not only was school paid for, but if my expenses did not reach the total they had allotted - I got a REFUND CHECK. Each semester I could get a few hundred back and all of that went to building the library I have today.

    So, congrats on using you magic to your advantage and remember that you never know when it may open a door that would otherwise remain locked!

    Good job.

    Brad Henderson
  10. I used magic on some college applications as well. Anything that can make you stand out helps
  11. Congratulations my friend! It's such a great feeling when you get accepted to College!


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