Magic Review - Cee-Lo by Louie Foxx (cup & dice routine)

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  1. Magic Review - Cee-Lo by Louie Foxx (cup & dice routine)



    This action packed routine uses three dice and one dice cup. One at a time the dice disappear and reappear under the cup. Then the dice magically jump from your pocket to your hand before disappearing completely to reappear under the cup! Then two giant dice reappear under the cup one at a time.

    Watch the video and you'll notice you do not have to load the cup in between loads, in fact the spectator does it for you! That's right, the spectator unknowingly loads the second giant die!

    "That's great, I like it" - Master Payne

    "Yahtzee!! Louie Foxx's dice routine is divine, diabolical and a host of other words beginning with Di. This dice routine is a sure thing. No Craps! I approve:
    Jonathan Friedman - Author of The 80's Called...They Want Their Magic Book Back

    "The cup and Dice routine is fabulous!
    Your DVD is clear and easy to follow. With a real performance of how the flow of the trick should be. Thanks again!

    Here's what you get:

    Gimmicked Dice Cup
    Regular Size Dice (gimmicked and ungimmicked)
    Jumbo Dice (gimmicked and ungimmicked)
    Note: All dice are white with black spots

    Find yours here:

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