Magic Review: Over the Edge by Landon Swank

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  1. Title: Over The Edge
    Creator: Landon Swank
    Publisher: Hydra Entertainment
    MSRP: $ 40
    Skill Level: intermediate
    DVD Run time: 2 hours

    Type of effect: Deck Marking techniques

    Manufacturer's Write Up: Over The Edge is the second release in the Complete Control series featuring renowned Illusionist, Landon Swank. These closely guarded, underground techniques built the foundation for Swank's gambling exposés performed around the world and with almost two decades of evolution, the scope and scale of this utility is enormous. Edge Work is the secret of secrets, and without a doubt the single most powerful tool a sharper can possess.

    There are countless time-tested gambling practices that are extremely useful: crimps, nail nicks, peeks, daubing, the list goes on and on. What this video exposes, however, is in a league of its own for the simple reasons that it can be implemented almost immediately after it's learned, and it allows for the exceptional ability to know the position of every card in a deck, even after a spectator shuffles!

    This is one of those incredibly rare skills that transcends the boundaries so often present when sleight of hand is required, and your imagination is the only limit to the miracles that can be performed.

    Swank's exact edging methods have been a closely guarded secret for years, but now this powerful, versatile, and highly coveted information is being made available for anyone who shares the passion for controlling cards. Without a doubt, the secrets divulged in this video, when used properly, will astound not only laymen, but professional gamblers and magicians alike!

    If you want to learn more gambling secrets, Complete Control is an in-depth exposé of powerful techniques used by master card sharps worldwide. The four-part series provides a meticulously selected, comprehensive collection of sleights, secrets, and skills that, when combined, are arguably the most versatile and practical collection available.

    Every move has been obsessively reengineered and continually performance-tested for over fifteen years, resulting in virtually a nonexistent line between what's fraud and what's fair. Regardless of your current skill level, if you want the ability to impress friends, perform professionally, or simply have the knowledge to protect against potential cheats,

    Over The Edge gives you the necessary arsenal to build a masterful reputation.

    How accurate is the ad copy? No deception

    What's in the box?
    DVD and “normal” Bee casino deck in red or blue

    Key points:
    - Quickly Learned, Easily Implemented & Unimaginably Powerful!
    - Know The Location Of Any Card In A Shuffled Deck!
    - The Most Powerful and Versatile Weapon In A Card Sharp's Arsenal!

    How are the production values: He is mic’d - A lot of it is Landon standing behind a table, but I really would have appreciated a lot more close ups – especially for the gimmick construction. I felt the camera was too far away

    Is it well taught:
    30 minutes is gimmick construction, Landon teaches you how to “mark” a borrowed deck (provided it is a casino back) and he will also teach you how to: cut to a marked card.

    A few of the Tricks Taught:

    Full Control – magician allows the spectator to select any four of a kind and shuffle the deck – and the magician cuts to all four cards.

    Omniscient – once again the spectator is allowed to shuffle the deck, the magician then proceeds to do a deck memorization routine, calling the suits or pips of each top card and ends by cutting to all 4 aces.

    There is also an unnamed Poker deal demonstration.

    Homing Beacon – a selected card is “marked on the fly” and then using the two jokers – the chosen card is sandwiched between the Jokers. (also marking one card on the spot, makes a good ‘key card’ for future effects)

    Instant Aces – a cutting to the aces effect

    Out of my own world – a out of this world effect

    Beyond a Flourish – a cut and shuffle flourish that reveals all 4 aces

    Double Estimation – spectator shuffles and calls out either the red or black aces and you call out the exact position (by number) where both aces are in the stack from the top down.

    As far as the explanations to the effects, much of what takes place depends on your spectator, so Landon tells you how to “navigate” the trick as it progresses. For these types of effects, each time you perform them – the effect will play different.

    Landon also expects you to have a working knowledge of card work – second deals, culling, double undercuts etc.

    Does it "play big?"
    This deck has the potential to create several different routines – the concept of knowing the location and value of any card – is limitless.

    Difficulty / Skill level required:
    You will need to learn how to read the markings, get fast at reading them and develop the skill to cut to those cards.

    How much arts and crafts are involved?
    You will need to modify the entire deck per Landon’s instructions … and you’ll need to be careful… and patient.

    How practical is this in the real world? (can it really be done?)
    Absolutely, but work best for those of you who do gambling and poker demonstration effects.

    Overall score
    : let's toss out the traditional score of 1-10 and make this something that we all can appreciate and understand.

    _____ Very Satisfied
    __X___ Somewhat Satisfied
    _____ Neither Satisfied or Dissatisfied
    _____ Somewhat Dissatisfied
    _____ Very Dissatisfied
    _____ No Opinion

    My thoughts: It was good, there is a lot of potential there, but I was left feeling like there should have been more.

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