Magic Review: Snitch by Peter Eggink

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  1. My video review:

    Title: Snitch
    Creator: Peter Eggink
    Publisher: Magic from Holland
    MSRP: $ 35
    Skill Level: all
    DVD Run time: 37:51

    Type of effect: Card to Wallet / Envelope

    Manufacturer's Write Up:

    SNITCH is a super-fast, no-palming Signed Card to Envelope effect!

    Perfect for the beginner, a worker for the pro.

    Effect: A card is freely selected and signed by the spectator. All the cards are placed back in the box, and the spectator causes her signed card to completely vanish from the pack.

    From your pocket, you produce a small, SEALED envelope that was mailed to you. When the envelope is opened, the spectator's signed card is found INSIDE!

    Peter Eggink's SNITCH is a beautiful, powerful Signed Card to Envelope for the real worker and yet perfect for a beginner.

    Comes complete with custom-made SNITCH gimmick, special printed Tyvek envelope, and online instructions. Performance tips and bonus handling are also included!

    Remember, SNITCH is:
    EASY to do
    NO Palming
    NO force or duplicates are used
    Resets in seconds
    Perfect as a standalone effect or ending for any ACR-type (Ambitious Card Routine) effect

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