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Magic Shop Question

Mar 12, 2011
Ok so I live in Denver and no matter how hard I try I can NOT find ANY genuine magic shops! Im looking for a shop that sells cards, books, cups + balls, and all of that good stuff! But none the less I am unable to... So I was just wondering if anyone knew any good magic shops in Denver or just in Colorado in general. I love online stores however... I don't like shipping and having to wait for days and days for it to arrive. I like it where I see it, then buy it, then open it on the way out. So if anyone knows a good shop here in Colorado give me a shout out or comment below with the address!
Nov 19, 2010
I live in pueblo and finding magic shops here really isn't going to happen. I've heard alot of older people tell me that a long time ago there was magic shops in every mall strip mall they were a regular place. The only shop I've actually been to in Colorado is here in pueblo it's not anything really special just a glass case filled with tricks and some DVDs. I'll usually stop in there if I need some spongeballs or a thumb tip but it's just a little place you can check out if your ever in town. Just let me know if you'd like adress.
Sep 17, 2007
Sad thing is, GOOD shops are getting harder and harder to find. Most shops support themselves by renting out costumes and selling pranks. A lot of them have case of standard dealer items (not bad stuff by any means, just standard stuff: invisible decks, svengalli's, thumb tips, copper, silver, brss, etc). They also usually have some larger kids show props. The dvd section will be some of the Michael Ammar Easy To Master series and a few Magic Makers dvds. But you're not going to find a lot of the new stuff in most brick and mortar shops.

A lot of these stores don't carry the "hot new items". Why? Because the the internet kills them when it comes to pricing. So a lot of shops just carry the basics for the hobbyists and newbies.

There are, of course, exceptions. Denny & Lees in Baltimore has EVERYTHING. Davenports in London has loads of stuff. Daytona Magic in Florida is wall to wall magic stuff. Fantasma in NYC has a big selection of cool material. But these shops are far and few between.

I love the accessibility of Internet magic. But it makes me sad that most of the brick and mortar places have had to either close up or severely cut back on ordering new inventory in order to stay in business.
Mar 12, 2011
Ok thanks guys! Well I am going to new York in a few weeks so I'll definitely check out fantasma and I'll check out Baltimore since I have some family down there. It's a sad occurrence that magic shops have to take on other roles however for the few that are still out there I'll try and visit and see what's my favorite!
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