Magic shops in Florida?

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  1. I'm getting ready to go to college, and i don't really know the new area yet (Gainesville) and i just wanted to know if there were any magic shops in the area, now the last time i visited i saw a small shop called Center Stage which was mainly a costume shop but also had a small magic section too, but unfortunately it has closed down *:'(* so i just wanted to know if anyone here knew of any other magic shops in the area.
  2. I had the same problem last summer. I go to Florida once a year to visit my family. And every time that I look I can't find a single magic shop. I thought that I found one once but it was closed down. I even searched places like Google and asked around on the forum. So if you search this topic mine should pop up from last year. I don't remember what people said to be honest though. I'm actually leaving for Florida tomorrow. So I made sure to stock up before I left. But I hope that you find something. If you do post it on the forums if you would be so awesome. It would be pretty cool to check out the stock that shops have outside of New York.
  3. there is a shop near Daytona in florida
  4. Daytona Magic(near Orlando)

    The Magic Emporium(Tampa)

    There are only a few and these are the two most popular. I happen to live a few minutes away from and work at The Magic Emporium.

  5. Would you happen to know of any close to the fort lauderdale area?
  6. I would also like to know this.
  7. I dont know of any in that area but since your going to be living in Florida check out Daytona Magic shop. I havent been there physically but I have ordered from them numerous times and their service is great. Its in Daytona Beach
  8. In Cocoa Beach there is the Magic Dove Magic Shop, great shop and really friendly service.
  9. There is this little shop in Sandestin

    I've been there. Small selection but Rick is a super awesome guy. It's located in Baytowne Wharf which is a pretty cool place anyway.

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