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    The top 3 magic tips for performing magic are:

    1. Small talks - These are very important during the performance, especially if it is a live performance. Depending on the efforts put in by the magician to 'sell' his magic trick to the audience, even an ordinary and basic magic trick can be transformed into an awe-inspiring and theatrical event. Dialogues are extremely important when it comes to performing magic tricks and the perfect set of dialogues can assist the magician in his/her act. The body language of the magician is important too and it is necessary to maintain eye contact to ensure that the audience is taking in every word spoken by the magician with great interest. As a magician one can also employ humor to make the magic show a successful one. There is nothing like a generous sprinkling of humor into the magic show that gets people amused and relaxed and it is best to perform magic in front of a relaxed but attentive audience.

    2. Confidence - This is an essential element for every situation in life and not just for performing magic. There is a whole lot of difference between the reactions garnered by a confident magician and that of a nervous wreck. In order to make people believe that one possesses magical powers it is important to appear confident. However the element of confidence should not be confused with the element of cockiness because being confident is one thing and being cocky is another and besides no one likes a cocky magician. Even though you are pulling off a big magic trick, it is essential to appear confident and relaxed, as if it comes to you naturally. It is very natural that one may feel nervous before performing a magic trick, but a good magician always gets past the stage of nervousness and transforms into a confident magician once the show begins. The secret to being a confident magician is to practice repeatedly until you feel that the magic trick is a piece of cake.

    3. The silent treatment - In order to become a good magician one should always give the audience the silent treatment. What is the silent treatment? Well, it is the ideal thing to give to the audience once you finish performing the magic trick. You should just remain silent and simply stare at them and it would drive them nuts because they would be extremely curious at that point of time with umpteen questions popping up in their minds. Just try it once and you will understand the power of the silent treatment. If silence is labeled as being golden, there is no better place to estimate its importance than during a magic show.

    Any other pointers to add ?

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  2. I think your points are fine generically for starters, but keep in mind not everybody performs the same way. Point 1 is just mere standard good communication habits to have whether or not you are a magician. Being able to maintain small-talk/manage your own body language is something you should do on your day-to-day to be a better communicator in general.

    Point 2 is definitely key, but being this can be dependent on scenarios and character. I do not think everyone necessarily needs to show that they are confident (especially if that is not in their performance character, or not the type of characteristic you are trying to portray with a given routine), but rather being confident in themselves to be able to perform a routine exactly as they had in mind, and being prepared for any curve balls that may occur. I think confidence is more important for being able to think on your feet in the trenches as opposed to just a visual cue for your spectators.

    Now sure if I understand or agree with 3, I do not really see the benefit in staying quiet after a routine, and this kind of contradicts your point 1. Perhaps you mean not telling them any more than they need to know, but I think being prepared to give a response when you're asked a question is pretty critical unless you're trying to only maintain a "David Blaine-esque" kind of performing character.

    I'd add be confident in your routines and scripts. If you are performing comfortably those who watch will be able to mirror that level of comfort.

    Thanks for the input.
  3. I agree with all of your points, and just like itsAllenHe said point 3 kinda does contradict point one. Although I personally do feel that when performing always have a backup trick you can run off of just in case you mess up. With that being said you can't just say your changing tricks you have to make it flawless. Another point I feel is very important to add is to know how to deal with Hecklers. Now in no way am I part of Chris Ramsay but I did find his video on how to deal with Hecklers very entertaining and helpful.

    Other than that your points make sense.
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    Make your magic performance worthy.
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