Magical New Year's Resolutions

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  1. One of the benefits of being a wonder worker is that our ambition doesn't have to be limited by the narrow confines of the possible. As magicians, we know that anything we can imagine can, with a bit of appropriately applied glue, a special pocket, the right angles or a repetitively practised sequence of hand motions, be achieved. Given that, there's no reason why our New Year's Resolutions should be restricted to the same old boring obsessions with dieting, exercise, bad habits and the like. So, I was wondering, what are your magical resolutions for 2014? Things that, currently, are considered to be impossible.

    For me, my resolutions are thus:

    1. Learn to memorise a deck of 54 playing cards in five seconds.
    2. Learn to unerringly estmation centre deal from multiple locations.
    3. Learn to cull and stack any hand called for in one shuffle.

    How about you? Any "impossible" resolutions to find solutions for this year?
  2. I have a couple

    1. Win a saturday night contest.

    2. Become a street magician. (not professionally)

    3. Get one of my effects published on the wire.
  3. 1. Win a saturday night contest , that will be awesome
    2. Get one of my effects published on the wire , I work on a new flourish ; and get a good camera to record
    3. Be confident and relax when I perform to people , for me that's something difficult to do .
    Very similar to DanteL yeah haha
  4. 1. Find out if my new method of coin penetrating a tic tac box is original(one coin is used)
    2. Land a job in the magic industry
    3. Stop being nervous when asked to preform out of nowhere
  5. Make a magic show of 1 hour on scene with a friend magician of mine!
    Learn 15 new cuts, 5 of Andrei Jikh, 5 of Michael James and 5 of the wire! :p

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