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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Mshade, Mar 28, 2008.

  1. I'm going to see Copperfield tonight and I might have a chance to perform for him.

    What effect should I perform for Copperfield to fool a master magician?
  2. I wouldn't plan on fooling him... ;)
    However, if you want to impress him, I would perform something really visual. (like Distortion)
    Or do something original, you could definitely impress him with something that you created.
    Just my 2 cents.

    Calvin Lauber
  3. Do nacho mammas triumph. Do hand to mouth. You know, do a wild crazy flourish and do a quick double, tell him to push it in and put it in. If it works, Thank me.
  4. Do a TNR effect. Something that rivals Torn Asunder.

    Or hell, do Shifty or Fallen.

    Whatever you do, just make sure you can do it perfectly.

    Make sure you can do it perfectly blindfolded while slowly sinking into a vat of boiling acid with piranhas and lasers.
  5. If you know Ramjollock by Ben Earl, that's a great magician fooler. ;) Chris Kenner has two items in his book that also seem to be designed to fool magicians... Then again, he probably knows those eh? ;) :p

    Why are we trying to fool him anyway? Surely it would be of greater knowledge to know that you entertained him as opposed to fooled him?

    - Sean
  6. Yeah! I would do something that you made up! I bet he would like that! Exclamation!
  7. If you can keep him misdirected i would say hand to mouth... that is if you really want to fool him.
    he might know how it works, but at first it will suprise him, and for a master magician, i would be content with that.
  8. If you are going to do something like that... Might I add a suggestion of making a quick signed dupe?

    Half push the fake signed card in, show it briefly and carry on as normal or whatever. I think this fake signature principle is far too often overlooked in magic to be honest.

    - Sean
  9. How can you fool copperfield?

    the answer... you can't

    I had the pleasure of seeing him last week... it was phenomenal
  10. It would be hard to fool him haha.

    I saw an interview with him where he said he never gets fooled by some magic, and if he would it would only be for a second.
  11. *Ahem* >_>


    - Sean
  12. I beg to differ with some of you, I think that you can for sure fool Copperfield. You just need something original and you need to do it perfect, something with a twist. I think Nacho Mama's Triumph was a good idea.
  13. Wanna impress him??...

    Do it... do the alternate handling of torn too!!! its designed to fool magicians!
  14. At least make sure that whatever you do is something modern that maybe uses new sleights (or no sleights at all).

    The newer it is, the less likely he is to have seen it (I assume).

    Actually, maybe you should go ahead and use a gimmick and just treat it like something normal. For instance, a coin on a pulley or something. Produce it from his ear and then "hand" it to him while just letting it vanish (Just an example; he'll probably figure that one out).
  15. Why not just drink in the experience of seeing Copperfield perform and forget for one evening about your own desire to show off? Have some humility, know what I'm saying?
  16. Pickpocket him! Wait, I think the show is over.
  17. a daniel madison trick :p
  18. A young magician with a good presentation; that would impress him. It might also be helful to have a list of effects you know, as just asking what effect you should perform is very "hit and miss". I could just start naming random effects that you may or may not have, and it wouldn't help you at all. So peform something you've been doing the longest, and are therefore good at performing. Don't worry about fooling him; worry about entertaining him.
  19. Apparantly I'm alone with my opinion on this one.
  20. Despite what I've said, I do agree with you.

    But to be fair to the person, it's not all too often you get a chance to perform to someone such as David Copperfield. Y'know?

    I still don't see what the deal is with fooling people...

    Fooling someone does not immediately instigate entertainment.

    - Sean

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