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  1. Surely am not the first magician in cardistry who mainly wants to get some simple (even moderate) flourishes that are flashy and catch someone's eye. I know most of the cuts and a cut called the faux-cut by Chris Ramsay one or two more such SMALL flourishy looking things. I mainly need some slightly next-level stuff to make it a little better in the flourish department. I have plastic decks and am not afraid to practice.
    But I guess next-level-cutting-edge-AMAZING-cardistry is not for me, I don't have the aptitude (or serious need for that, you know?). I respect cardists and LOVE see good cardistry.
    Just looking for something to get a 'wow' out of people without showing any tricks so that they become interested and I can show a quick (or maybe not so quick) trick without asking them any usual questions if they want to witness a trick or two.
    Or maybe if someone asks to show a trick and I show flourishes instead ( because people love a simple spring more than a hundred mind-blowing effects).

    BTW:- I already know the spring
  2. Everyone has the aptitude to do the "next level" stuff. It really just takes a knowledge of how the handling of the specific flourish and then a lot of practice to get it down. I would just find one that appeals to you and then work on it. Worst case scenario will be that you'll get impatient and find another that's easier to master. Many flourishes are pretty basic however and are simply made to appear more impressive.
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  3. Anaconda by Bone Ho is amazing
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