Magicians from Crawley, West Sussex, England

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by julyyyz, Apr 5, 2010.

  1. Hey there, magicians from England! I am going to spend all summer in this city, and it would be fun, to have friends magicians there. Does anybody live there or near this city?

  2. I live in York in England :)
  3. I live about 15 minutes from there! May I ask why you're going there, because its definitely not the greatest place in England that you could visit :)
  4. Hello Julius, I live in Crawley, when you getting here?
    Whereabouts are you Kieran? I don't know many magicians round this way?
  5. I'm going there on June's 2 day. I think I will be there all summer. I'm going to work at my cousins hotel.
    It would be awesome to meet you guys! We could discuss about magic or meet, because I don't know nothing there :) I am planing to find a good restaurant to work there in evenings with my magic.

    I am waiting for your word!

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