Make a gaff card

Here is the link.
some people expressed interest. hopefully if you enjoy it and want to spread this around. try to keep it to magicians only, i would hate to see this somewhere where people may be watching other videos that are not purchased (free magic learning site)
but hope you enjoy and learn something
its about 15 mins long.
if you have any questions please ask
(i know that there is a part where words pop in but you didnt miss anything)
Sep 2, 2007
Nova Scotia
also if you find yourself not wanting to by the glue, put two cards in a bowl of warm water for about 10 minutes, take them out and you will be able to split them very easily, take the two back ends and put them together, you will notice the black glue on them from the inside of the card, put them between two flat objects and put a weight on it.
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