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  1. Do you ever get lost in the sheer amount of stuff you know? Make an excel sheet. Put all the tricks you know in it, even ones you know how to do but never performed. Make columns for things like: Opener, Middle, Closer, Strength of effect, Angle sensitivity, Resets, Table required, Audience management, closeup/parlor/stage etc.

    This can be your total inventory that you use to put an act together, and even tailor an act to a specific situation. You can also see if there are any effects you don't really perform but you should, based on your own criteria. Use this tool by color coding your effects based on "ready to perform, familiar but need to practice, need to study."

    I keep two sheets, one for magic and one for mentalism. Let me know what you think! Or if there are other data criteria you would include.
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  2. That's very organized! Do you also go back through and make sure you maintain "Ready to perform" status on those you've learned? I know I lose proficiency in anything I'm not performing regularly, and with the way I perform I often end up dropping things from my repertoire when I write a new show.
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  3. There are things you can do to stay current. The spreadsheet will help you remember what it is you need to review. As for reviewing it, Eugene Berger recommended doing restaurant gigs. You can do that effect 25 times in a night and be back up to speed. I don't perform professionally yet but am considering restaurant magic for that reason alone.
  4. Also one trick that I hardly ever perform that scored top marks in all of my categories is Greg Wilson's Ringleader routine. I will be doing that now! Without theven spreadsheet into wouldn't have occurred to me.
  5. This is a neat idea. I'll definitely look into it. I often forget an effect that I've already feel comfortable performing and after a performance, will go, "Dang! Why didn't I perform that one?!"
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  6. Happens all the friggin time! If you do restaurant or strolling, you can consciously decide to bring back an old favorite you forgot about:)
  7. Thanks for this idea, I'll be making one tomorrow.
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