Managing a deck of cards?

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  1. Hey, I'm new to cardistry.

    I wear out a deck of cards in less than a week (to the point where they don't fan well anymore.)

    I'm just wondering, can someone make a guide, or at least give me some pointers on how to keep a deck from wearing out so quickly, and keeping it in good condition?
  2. 1) Keep your hands clean

    2) Wash your hands before you use your deck (this helps get rid of dirty oils and grease built up on your hands)

    3) Don't be aggressive when handling the deck (use a soft riffle, spread/ fan the deck lightly, don't use a lot of pressure within your grip, etc.)

    4) Finally, do not keep using it all day The more you use it, the durabilty goes down. Possibly, after 1-2 hours of use, put that deck away and switch to another. The deck you've put away will be nearly as good as new when you come back to it in a few hours or the next day
    These are tips i follow when im handling a deck of cards everyday, and nearly all my decks handle very well (besides the Vegas brand deck obviously ;)) Hope you find these tips as useful!
  3. Thanks man, those are very helpful.
  4. Good advice on the first post

    I don't think it can stressed enough that washing your hands is the 1st step. I want to add to that.
    After you wash your hands, refrain from scratching your head, picking at your skin, and generally making contact with yourself or anyone else. It really does go a long way.

    I recommend also spreading your deck out on a table and letting the warmth from deck handling go away before putting a deck of cards away.

    I also highly recommend switching decks of cards frequently. How often? Really depends on the sweatiness of your hands. If you have really sweaty hands often. Change often. If your hands stay pretty dry. Keep it to about an hour per deck.

    I know this bit is at times really hard to do, but try really hand to not drop your cards on the floor or any other dirty surfaces. Again, I know its hard to do if you're practicing new tricks or flourishes, but its just something to keep in mind. Try really hard to not drop cards.
  5. Well thanks, this definitely helps.
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    Fill one of those with water and keep it near by, along with a towel - these are for your hands of course. And as mentioned before, switch decks frequently, allowing the moisture to evaporate from used cards - I find it best to wait a day or more before handling them again.

    One more thing, you don't have to use a brand new smooth and shiny pack all the time, relatively old cards can still be used for cardistry, they're excellent for practicing, even if you can get perfect fans out of them anymore.
  7. Washing your hands is the main thing due to the oils on your hands, if you do drop cards (because it does happen) wipe them off on your shirt or something so the dirt doesn't rub between cards and remove the finish. The pressure your use on cards doesn't really make a difference. For example the pressure fan, dishes out a beautiful fan, it's not really going to effect the finish. As well with spreading out the the table to let them cool? It won't make a difference, for example in hot climates, people get along fine there. For the stock don't bend them and sorts, or smash the edges on tables or sorts. When practicing things like the farrow shuffle (when if done wrong will destroy the edges) use older cards. The main thing is the finish, that will got before the stock of the cards will. Just little things like these and others already mentioned will definitely help prolong your cards.
  8. What about when doing the Angel? (and things that involve the angel) I find it extremely difficult with washed, clean hands.
  9. When I was a young-en, there was this rumor that putting your cards in the box and then placing them in your freezer for... maybe two hours made them feel like new. This works to an extent because it freezes the moisture in the stock and, thus, making them stiffer and not as worn feeling. As you may have gathered, this effect only lasts for a short period. With a new deck, it feels nice.

    And of course, all the good tips have already been mentioned.

    Give it a try, get back to us.
  10. Lol, I don't really like the idea of putting my deck in the freezer...but I may try it. :p
  11. Managing your hands:
    Your hands might get really dry from all the washing, I sweat a lot (well a normal amount but it seems like a lot) and I wash my hands often. So my hands were getting really dry, so I looked online line and found this huge process that doesn't do a whole lot more than what I'm about to tell you.

    1. Wash your hands with moisturizing soap (Cherry blossom scent by bath and body works is my personal favorite, but that's just me
    2. Use either olive oil or the same soap you used to wash your hands to rub sugar on your hands, you get about 1-2 tablespoons of sugar and some Olive oil/soap and put on your hands as if you were putting lotion on.
    3. If you know you won't be flourishing for a while (sleeping or whatever) you can put some lotion on after you wash off the sugar preferably lotion with Shea butter but any is fine.

    I hope this helps,


    P.S. Just in case you were wondering what the long process was: It's not that long.
  12. Well, it is not necessarily a freezer. The normal fridge is fine.
  13. Well, if you are going to perform 'Angel', you still can do it with clean hands. Just make sure that your thumb is slightly moist. A good way of doing this is washing your hands for a good period of time but don't dry them completly. Leave a bit of moisture on your fingers and you can still perform 'Angel'. (Keep the fingers moist, not wet. Make sure not a lot of water is left behind on your fingers. And, of course, still keep the hand clean and dry).
  14. Wow, that is way too long a process. I am just going to stick to washing my hands thoroughly with soap.

    And drying them. And as for the angel, when you play with cards, your hands naturally warm up. When they warm up enough, you can do the angel.
  15. Get Xtreme Beginners it has very good tips about maintaining your deck while performing and stuff.
  16. What I mean is when your hands get really dry from washing so much and your hands will feel very rough after a while this is to make them soft again not an alternative to washing your hands.

    Now for the Angel right after washing, I usually lick my thumb (lol) then wipe it off a little bit or you could wait..
  17. Uhm, try rubbing the flesh of your thumb and the flesh of your index finger together until it heats up. That puts just about enough oils for you to do the angel. :)

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