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Discussion in 'The Marketplace' started by ayc1206, Jul 31, 2020.

  1. Hey, so I just want to ask why my Marketplace submissions keep getting declined. All these ideas come from my head, and are not copied directly.

    However, everytime my submission gets declined, they say that my effect wasn't original enough.

    I don't really understand. A couple of the effects I submitted are adapted from certain methods being taught by other magicians. If that was the case, then must I credit the magician in an explicit way?

    Thanks for all your help anyway.
  2. The only way any of us can give you a sense of the originality of your submissions is to see a performance video. Feel free to post them in the forums or send me links via a "conversation" and I'd be glad to give you a sense of their originality.

    But you may be reinventing ideas that others have come up with and previously published. The key here is to establish a strong base of knowledge which comes from reading lots of magic books so you know what is out there.

    That is going to depend on the extent of the adaptation. Substituting one move in an effect doesn't make your handling original.

    Always credit origination (who initially developed) rather than who you learned it from.
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  3. What about using the same move in a different application?
  4. Which, really, is an essential step in any magician's progress, I think. Putting your heart and soul into inventing a routine and finding out it was published a hundred years ago is a rite of passage.
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  5. In that case, I would guess that it's been done before (if it is a simple move) OR the effect isn't yours to teach (if the move is unique and marketed by someone else).
  6. But the move is not the one being sold. It is the effect. I am simply using the move used to achieve the sold effect to create another effect.
  7. Both conditions you described apply to Restored by Lloyd Barnes and it was somehow approved.
  8. When a submission is rejected usually they give an explanation as to why. I would recommend reaching out to support and asking them why it was rejected.

    It could be an originality issue or it could be something else. Ask them why it was rejected and they will tell you.
  9. Exactly why i am so confused.
  10. Wow I did not know you could do that. I will def try that. Thanks alot.

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