Matchbooks in Australia?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Church, Apr 11, 2009.

  1. I've noticed a lot of tricks with mathbooks that i'm interested in(well about 3 but that's hardly the point).

    The only problem i've found is that i don't think that we even have matchbooks in Aus, only mathboxes. Does anyone now if matchbooks are sold in Australia and would it be weird to bring out a matchbook when most people wouldn't have seen one before (well at least not in Australia)?

    Oh and happy easter
  2. matchbooks are rare in germany, too.
    we only have it in most ioof the restaurants.
    but second questions answer, yes, I think it is weird to bring out a matchbook if they never see one, but only if you have just one little effect, let's say the effect that is used on the lit dvd, where the burned match reappears in the book.
    If the effect is strong enough for example this little effect AND lit, then I think it's normal to carry a matchbook with you, because the spectator can examine the book after the trick, it's like threa by wayne houchin, you need to carry a spool of thread with you, because no one, maybe strange persons ;=), carry a spool of thread with them.
    So in my view it is not strange to carry your props with you, as long as they can be examined, because this gives the audience the feeling that you aren't cheating.
    And I also think that if you can direct the audience in the direction so that they feel completeky confident with you, you can even take a pig with you, as long as you can manage them ion the way you want them to look.
    so hope this helps.

    oh btw, happy easter, too :D
  3. ok cool

    thanks for the reply
    i never thought about that
  4. Church, alot of Hotels/Motels will also have Matchbooks.

    Perhaps give a few a call, or ask around!
  5. My friend has a large collection of them, so I just use them, he got them from hotels.

  6. Whoa, dude Church, I was thinking the EXACT same thing last night, looking for matchbooks too!

    Tumble, you reckon you could grab me a few next time you come over here to the coast? :S
  7. Sure man, I gotta get some for myself anyway :D
    One sidenote, NEVER EVER do Warning with these types of matches. OWWIE!
  8. Haha, I won't, but thanks for the heads up. Sounds painful. You coming to the 20th? I'll be in and out but I should be there nonetheless. Thanks heaps man :)

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