maybe a submission to the wire

ok i came up with this trick a while ago and i belive i am the only one with any trick like this one.

the trick is a card is selected placed into the deck the spectator can shuffle the cards. the magician then takes the cards and waves his hand over the deck and the spectators card rises Out of the center of the pack!! no gimmicks no string totally impromtu

i preform it a lot and get great reactions from it. :)

i am also gonna include a bonus where a card is selected and places in the deck and it is shuffled. the magician takes the deck riffles the front of the deck and the chosen card shoots out.

any suggestion would help if you guys want a video let me know ill make one. :)

thanks hockeybuster
Sep 3, 2011
The change was already created by Kevin Ho, although I don't think he published it anywhere, you can drop him a PM. As for the rising card, nothing really special too, your making of the c***p was obvious. The card coming out of the deck was fine, just that if you can do it with much lesser cover of your hands, I will look 10x nicer. Good luck

Josh Burch

Elite Member
Aug 11, 2011
Interesting idea, it doesn't look like the c***p is needed I assume you can insert another control. The rising is a neat idea and I don't know if it's been done before :)


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Sep 13, 2008
There's an impromptu rising card effect right here on T11, it's called Shwing by Chris Kenner. It's also far more open than this version. But this seems to be a solid idea, you just need to put a lot more work into it. Find a way to cover that prep work and try to make it more streamlined.
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