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    Hey There,

    okay so I have no other idea how to achieve this. I am searching for some interesting young magicians at the age of 15-19. I'd like to chat with them a little bit about magic and what they are trying to learn. So if you wanna do that or if youre searching for other young magicians just post an answer in this thread with your facebookID or skypeID or whatever. If however there is another method in the forum to achieve this then you can delete this thread.

    Edit: So some people had some sorrows about me being a rapist or sexual predator *lol*. So I added a profile picture so everyone can see my face.
  2. Hey man whats up!! On Facebook its SUPER easy to find exactly what you are looking for!

    Go to the Search bar on facebook and Type in "People that live in (Insert city or country here) and are interested in (Magic/Mentalism/ Card Magic, or whatever you want to type)" you will find a whole list of people! hope this helped!
  3. You could always contact a magic club for young people, such as the Young Magicians Club (the junior Magic circle). The IBM and Magic Castle probably have similar "clubs".
  4. Im a young magician (16) Skype: uradey
  5. Also the SAM has the SYM
  6. Hi, I'm 16 and I'd love to talk about magic.
    Skype: aweesometastic
    Like I said it'd be cool to get tips and things
  7. @hey crab, what do you mean with that?
  8. My Facebook is Valentin Dynamo, add me' :D
  9. Hey guys , i'm 14 , I love to talk about magic ,
    Skype : yazidnk
    Mail :
  10. While I'm very supportive of young people getting together BE CAREFUL!

    As much as we don't like to admit it, Magic is a field used by a lot of sexual predators and with the way things are on lone, you really don't know who you are speaking with and their age. . . I get very suspicious when it comes to this sort of request and even more concerned given how freely so many of you have shared your contact details (and that's before looking at the trollers seeking your contact details).

    Maybe it's just the mother hen in me, but do be a bit more cautious.
  11. I do not think this person might do something to me through my computer haha , but yeah that's really .
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  13. Done!! - & yeah a Skype group would be very fun! And during the holidays I have time to spend, so we can speak a bit about magic!! :D (or this can be a Facebook Group too) :D
  14. i am already part of a magic skype group but it would be nice to join one mainly for teens (i'm 14).
    skype: jeremiah_mckay
  15. Hey Phillip around what time would the skype group meet?
  16. I made a magic group on Skype for anyone that wants to join. There are only 3 people on their right now. if you want to join then just send me a friend request: jeremiah_mckay
    Then i will add you to the group

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