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Discussion in 'Product Questions and Reviews' started by [R.C], Nov 11, 2011.

  1. Awesome review! I love the fact that you simply tell it how it is. If you don't like something, you say it. Plain and simple.

    Check it out everyone! Robin's link is above.

  2. i love your work
  3. yeah, i don't like cards. The box is cool, but the cards/back design, meh.
  4. dude, the box is better then the cards
  5. Just a small correction [R.C], "Cerca trova" is not a latin phrase, it's italian. Nice review, though!
  6. Sorry but....I'm not impressed with these. I don't have them and will not get them just due to the look so, I never will get a chance to feel them. Hyped up for nothing...big frown from me. :(
  7. To all of you guys,
    The back design has definitely grown on me. And through pictures you don't really get the feeling of all the detail on them. Also be sure to check out the Product Page's pictures, as the lighter ink makes the design pop more.

    Ah, thank you! I thought I had read somewhere that it was Italian, but I was unsure.
  8. excellent review!! i cannot stop staring at that box haha
  9. Just to make it clear: "Cerca Trova" is ITALIAN for "seek and you shall find".
    For those of you who learn Latin and might have lingering thought of shining in class for knowing such a sentence but in actuality you will just make a fool of yourself - so yeah...

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    Never mind, Must have skipped over a part.
  11. Thank you - someone has already pointed that out.
  12. Hilarious to read some of the reviews, here. This is the very first deck of T11 cards I have purchased. I LOVE the classy old-school design on them. I think they look really cool. Plus the blue and gold looks awesome to me. Kind of prefer it to the more modern designs. But then again, I'm kinda old myself, so I suppose it makes sense. :)
  13. Monarchs Decks

    I got my Monarchs Decks today. Man when you look at the box it is really nice. But when I opened the box to take out the cards, I was kind of disappointed. When you see the blue backs with the silver design. It kind of hits you in the face. It was kind of a shock. Not that the cards are not good. But the color was kind of disappointing. But they still look good.

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