Morgan revolution (or what ever you call it)

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  1. So... while going through some unlisted videos on my YouTube channel I found this one from A WHILE back. Called the Morgan Revolution (IDK why I recorded it)

    I created the move for an snc. Here is that
    Looking back at it I realize this is literally a variation on my go-to control I use now. the only difference is in my every day walk around I do not use THAT card (censored for exposure, but I'm sure you know what I mean). I use a reversed regular card.

    Anyway back to the point/why I made this thread! What is this move actually called? (I'm just assuming I recreated something) Does anyone have any info on this actual move/ where I can learn more about it?
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  2. I'm guessing that the control was invented byJohann Nepomuk Hofzinser in the 1800s who is typically thought to be the inventor of THAT card. I've got to read the NonPlusUltra to see if it is in there or in Hoffzinser's Card Conjuring.

    So, the earliest version of what you did that I can find is in Encyclopedia of Card Tricks (1937), page 117, as part of a trick called Alice in Wonderland which was published, as Hugard was apt to do, without any crediting. The control also is in Greater Magic (1938), page 481 in the handling of The Ambitious Card. The crediting for the use of the subtlety and necessary sleight to return the selected card and show it as being on top is to Camille Gaultier's book "Prestidigitation Sans Apareils" which was published in France in 1914. That subtlety is what Vernon used in his Ambitious Card routine in Stars of Magic which did not use THAT card. Greater Magic credits Vernon, Finlay and Horowitz "and others of our expert card workers" for the use of THAT card in the routine. I've not seen the control combined with your method of springing the cards so that the selected card turns over.
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  3. Sorry if this post doesn't contribute to the original intent of this post, but I just want to say that the move looks fantastic.
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  4. Thank you, and using it in an ACR is quite interesting.

    THank you!!! I really appreciate it!

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