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  1. just out of curiosity, what is your favorite effect? not to peform or see done, or if it even possible, just what you would like to see if you were walking down the street.
    (e.g. guy pulls 63 cats from his ear or the moon implodes and causes widespread panic (THE ULTIMATE PRACTICAL JOKE))

    please leave comment of the craziest most amazing effect you can think of
  2. Hmmm.... Perhaps murder? I think that would be a nifty trick. Yep. That and starting lame threads. I'd be an awesome magician if i could do those.
  3. I would like to walk down the street and see somebody levitate. Just that, have him sit in the middle of the air and read a newspaper. Then have him put down the newspaper and fly off. This person would fly everywhere, because, why walk when you can levitate?
  4. somebody brings dai vernon to life and makes him 20 again
    and then he waves his magic wand and makes all of the magic noobs on youtube disappear forever and ever
  5. Give me fifty bucks (it's not much of a trick, but I'd sure be amazed).
  6. Someone really doing that effect from David Blaine Street Magic Yutube Edition #2 where he goes back in time and gives him money. I'd pretty much fall dead if someone did that to me.

    Another, hmmm, someone making a signed coin appear inside a piece of wood they break open.
  7. To build on this, it would be cool if somebody actually barked bark. That would be a sweet effect, especially if they bark out a gargantuan amount of bark.
  8. If I was walinkg down the street, prophet or any other bill switch.
  9. Best thread.

    (PS; by 'Best' I mean 'Horrificly Bad')
  10. Blink, i think the idea is to get the creativity flowing. Ease up on the reigns a little buddy.
  11. He can't ease up on the reigns.

    He can, however, ease up on the reins.

    Damn, I'm an arsch when it comes to spelling.
  12. flame

    i would like to see some body levitate a flame, no wick, not going out and being re-lit or anything but just lift a flame off of a candle and levitate it and manipulate it to get bigger and then smaller and then placed back on to the candle wick or lighter or w/e. it may have been done and i havent seen it but i always thought it would be pretty entertaining to watch. The key for me on this would be the ability to remove your hands from being directly linked to the flame and have it just floating there with no apparent fuel source.
  13. Brilliant idea...


    Time to brainstorm !

  14. I dont know why, but i kinda remember criss angel doing something like this on an episode, the reaction his "girlfriend" had was really stupid it just seemed so planned out. And with that out of the way, it would be a very cool trick to come up with. As for my most amazing trick that i would like to see, it would be taking a deck of cards out of the box and placing them out into the air and they just levitate there, plus the performer could move away from it/wave his hands over and under the deck.
  15. For me, I would want to do something like walking up to a wall, and visibly move through it.

    In the realm of cards, I'd want to have someone think of a card as I hold a deck in a box. Then the deck pops out of the case, and all the cards fly up and hover in the air in a grid. With a snap, they fall, leaving the thought of card floating there for the spectator to pluck out of the air. Yea, that would be nice.

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    I have been thinking about your idea it would only work at night. And be really expensive.
    A holographic wall and a sliding wall(which slides into the holgram) so that the people can examine it. Now for the cheap price of $200 000
  17. Dude, I had the exact same idea! Me and a freind thought it up when we where messing around with some lighters.
  18. what we need is fire proof invisible thread
  19. First you show your coke, then take out some coke, then with a snape it changes to a sprite, and the you pull the rest out, and it's sprite! :)

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