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  1. hi guys, this is my first post but basically i am making a promotional video for my card magic and i am really stuck on what music to use as most seems either too lyrical, to mellow or to heavy. i was just wondering if anyone had any suggestion as to any songs i could use.
  2. Just use the music that fits you the best.
    Each video has his own music. The possibilities are endless.
    Just pick the best one. If there isn't make it
  3. i need that suggestion too.
  4. It really depends on who you are and who you're marketing to.

    If you want CEO's of fortune 500 companies your music will differ from kids birthday parties. Circus music isn't the best when trying to obtain a restaurant gig, but might do wonders if you're a magician who is also a clown.

    If you make the video and show it without music and give us some goals for who you are and who you want to cater to I'm sure someone will have a good suggestion.
  5. i realise that each video has its own feel and therefore its own music, however, when editing i would like to be able to work with a song alongside. i guess i am looking for any songs that might work as i am finding it difficult to find any suitable.

    the video is, as i said, a self-promo that i hope to distribute to prospective customers in areas like events, restaurants, parties (not kids). i am trying to sell myself as a niche magician, sort of exclusive, gentlemen-like and sophisticated, not a clown.
    sorry if this is all too vague, thanks anyway
  6. That's something to work with, I'll get back to you with suggestions as they occur to me.
  7. It's quite annoying when you Click to watch a 'Moving Picture' and it's this 'Loud Screaming'

    if you're going for a 'Professional' Look and to get 'Hired' at 'Respectable' places... then something that wont take away from what you're trying to 'Demonstrate' the music shouldn't be the 'focal point'

    it should be first and foremost 'You' and your 'Character/Persona' and what they can 'expect'
  8. This may not really be your style but I just thought i'd share. The music I am using for my promo video is the song from the movie "requiem for a dream" by the Kronos Quartet and the instrumentals from the song "illusions" by cypress hill.
  9. thanks for the song but its not really my thing, a bit too 'spin out' if you know what i mean. thanks anyway
  10. dana hocking is always good. but it depends on the mood and how the trick is :p
  11. Make your own...?

    There are enough inexpensive tools out there that you could always go for the "really original" sound. Then you avoid nasty things like licenses and royalties and such, too.
  12. Word of advice: when you're using a professional soundtrack for your music, it's almost always a good idea to use stock music so that there's never any legal issues with using copyrighted material in your work. This is especially true if you plan to put your videos on YouTube.

    As for an actual track, if you're familiar with World of Warcraft, a website known as Tankspot uses 'Savannah' one in their tutorial videos. It's a very melodic and smooth sound that works well if you're speaking during the video. Feel free to check out the site for other tracks.

    Goodluck, mate. Looking forward to seeing / hearing what you come up with.

  13. That also reminds me: Creative Commons.

    There are musicians out there who create out of love. There are others who will ask for attribution just to get their music heard and their names seen. Just make sure the license allows commercial, derivative works with attribution. Dropping a line to the musician to let him know never hurts, either.
  14. at the moment, i am more inclined to use the song previously posted by a band called Cassius, 'i love you so' and am trying to get a close producer friend of mine to mix it with another song called 'Limit to your love' by a guy called James Blake. what do you guys think?

    i am a musician myself but i dont think i would be able to make a piece of music that could do justice to the video.
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    Dude you have a pretty awesome taste in music but I don't think those songs work with a "sophisticated" theme. If you have the tools to create your own songs, I would try that approach. Fruity Loops is relatively cheap. You can also pick 3 or four songs (or mixes) that you are thinking about using, then use the footage you have and make a video using each song. Pick the one you like the best. It is a lot more work but if this is a promotional video you need to do it right.

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