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Discussion in 'Magic Forum' started by cardzorks, Sep 8, 2009.

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  1. what are some good card related magic gimmicks that every card magician should have?

    :D just curious

    example : wow , stripper deck ...
  2. Not a big fan of wow, but gimmicks I love are..
    Brainwave, Split Decision, Annivesary Walts (blind sided, or any other variation), Twilight Angels
    I basically love tricks which use your audience and leaves them with a souvenir. Brainwave is just awesome... so i just use that alot. I also started performing The Grail by Mike Rose a lot. and also Joel Given's take on Solid Deception.
  3. You do not know the mileage you can get out of a double backer.
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  4. double backers are great and all but... they can only go so far...
    the gimmicked effects I use can not be achieved with any other gimmick or method, other than brainwave but Im just lazy for that.
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  5. For me, i am using bicycle red gaff deck by E and invisible deck. Depend on your own preference which gimmick you like to use and perform :)
  6. I never liked Wow. Does it look cool? Absolutely, but I never understood the idea of the plastic card holder. It always seemed illogical to me for someone, specifically a magician to carry it around. Personally, I always liked Distortion a lot more. I don't perform it often, but when I do, it's awesome.
  7. so true so true.
    "why? its the wrong card.... and whats a plastic card holder for?"
    "shh... just if i take this plastic card holder and give it a shake. it changes into your card"
    "WOAH! thats so cool.... can i see that holder thing?"
    "its.... mine.... >:["

  8. come on guys, you put the card in the plastic holder to isolate it so that their is no possible way to switch the card out with another from the deck. You should know this. :D
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  9. i agree. i use the holder for more tricks than just the WOW effect itself witht he same reason.
  10. Also, just do a switch for a non-gimmicked sleeve and let them look at it all they want.
  11. Blank cards or a whole blank deck can be a lot of fun.
  12. I've never actually understood what I can do with a doublebacker.
    Any hints and tips?
  13. i use wow at every gig i have and everytime i perform. i have perfectly good reason for the plastic sleeve and no one ever questions and it all makes sense.
    its my Favorite gimmick!
  14. I like the invisible deck and the burnt card the most.

    Svengali decks are cool.. I had one bartender place the force card in the register's till and performed it for the other bartender and a few on-lookers. I did a standard Svengali routine, then at the end I "threw" a card (mimed the motion, really) at the register, and when he opened it, there was the card. Great response.

    Strippers are fun.. they can make other tricks easier.. I've used them for 2CM a few times. The action seems extremely fair, because you can spring or dribble the cards and quickly pull off the 'top' card. (I know, I know.. I should use the lift, but it's not perfect yet. I'm working on it)
  15. Well, I can honestly say that I use WOW by Madesua all the time, i'm in love with it and it loves me too. The reasoning behind putting the card into the holder is just to isolate it and bind it so it cannot be tampered with. I do however switch out the gimmick for an identical non-gimmicked holder and leave the non gimmicked one on the table, in case someone would like to play with it.

    It's a personal preference when it comes to gaffs, my second favorite card gimmick to have on me it is card case itself, If you guys have ever seen Jay Sankey's Pandora's Box then you know what i'm talking about.
  16. A short card. You can use it to force the card next to it, locate a card from it even though it's in the middle of the deck and so on.
  17. And the short card doesn't cost anything
  18. Ammar's Albo card
    Double Facers
    Double Backers
    Flap card
    Short card
  19. yeah wow is very visual and stunning , most spectators dont think its a gimmicked case or something unless you say

    "im gonna show you a card trick with a magical plastic case " lol
  20. I carry Branded around, I usually have a Parallel card from Ultra gaff, and I generally carry a Wild Card set with me to perform Tommy Wonder's routine.
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